Apparent Brick Wall: How to Make and Decorating Ideas

Check out different ways to leverage the bricks seen in home decoration.

Come learn how to make apparent brick wall and tips to make your amazing environment! Have ideas for all tastes and spaces.

The apparent brick wall has been a sweetheart when it comes to rustic decor. And, let’s face it, she goes with everything, even with a dining room with Provencal air. Just take care of the desired finishes. Check out how to make your.

How to create an apparent brick wall?

Choose the wall where it will be done the work. Remember to consider that walls with sockets and extensions will not right in your project.

Or, you can cut the bricks strategically to make taking out the decoration.

Chosen the ideal place, you must put in every brick and mortar paste on the wall, stacking one by one. The mortar must not just keep showing up, only the bricks, that is, apply mortar on brick that will be fixed on the wall.

You’re going to want to paint? It’s your choice, if you’re going to let in natura or give a new finish. In the event that you decide for painting, go 100% Acrylic latex paint.

Another tip is to always keep pretty and preserved your wall. Avoid the Orange powder of brick begin to fall, making application of resin.

You can also choose to waterproofing, water-based acrylic varnish.

Decorating ideas For brick wall

1 – Rustic and modern Bathroom

A relaxed, cheerful and rustic bathroom. Wrong who think that rustic is the same as traditional.

Furniture and antique pieces matched perfectly with the brick wall. Pending lamps in different levels and guaranteed a round mirror contemporary touch to the environment.

The bathroom was amazing to boot sighs, isn’t it?

2-Industrial Décor

The decor is industrial trend in Brazil. The unusual elements make up a warm and full of personality.

The brick wall is the back of the dining room table, making the space inviting and warm.


And who says our brick no longer stars in a sophisticated decor. With the coats of white paint, they are delicate and are adorned beautifully with the minimalist dining room.

You can review their concepts were little possible transit through different styles. The brick wall on display can be the perfect highlight to any environment of your home.

4 – Aged

An aged look and stripped is a very interesting effect to be made on your wall. The white paint “worn” is deliberate and the result is fantastic.

Romantic, retro, artistic. We still don’t know how to define the beauty of this wall!


Do you think that the wall will leave the dark space? Choose light-colored furniture, especially white. Be neutral and chic!

Oh! Don’t forget the tip that we’ve been varnishing wall to the brick dust don’t mess nothing, ok? You don’t want to your furniture pale stained.

What did you think of the idea of making an apparent brick wall in your House? She will be very charming!