Antonio Riva Wedding Dresses

If the class and elegance for 2012 wedding dresses had a name, it would undoubtedly to Antonio Riva, a designer who manages to create beautiful clothes for women of today without forgetting the classic style and timeless yesterday. In our gallery you can see some creations for next year and, if you’re still looking for your perfect dress, atelier Antonio Riva you will experience a unique and thrilling experience. Followed by a highly experienced team can calmly and tranquility you will also find the dress of your dreams as you can see by the images his is a classic but it never fails to surprise with unique and modern touches. How about?

Among the succession of long and classic dresses fact also we scoviamo a beautiful short model: perfect for a Shared wedding or a bride who loves to surprise. The dress has a bodice with a full skirt with perfect embroideries and applications also let loose in dances during your festive wedding! The clothes may be linear, with more geometric lines but also more romantic, lace, tulle and chiffon. White is total and the only different color is a black touch that emphasizes the beauty of the gown bow corset.White is in fact the typical color for brides who love the tradition and do not want to give it up. However, if the all white is not your thing, how about breaking the monotony with a particular accessory, which can be a belt but also some shoes? Absolutely fabulous the siren dresses that emphasize the female body and that are decorated with ruffles.

In this case the light and sinuous fabric moves at every step and makes every woman a real goddess. How about? What are your favorite models?If you want to really impress however, my advice is to orient yourself to the clothes with rich decorations on the back. In this case, in the front of your dress will be linear and minimal, while at the back there will be some beautiful ruffles and work perfect for a hyper chic bride!