Android Wear Could Receive Its First Update in October

The IFA 2014 has proved that Android Wear has come to stay, and is that devices wearable – with intelligent watches to head – have demonstrated that they are the real stars of the market this year.

In the German fair have known so far to the ASUS Zenwatch, the Smartwatch 3 Sony, LG G Watch R and Samsung Gear S, although still get the bike 360, the most anticipated of the class.

However, to Android Wear still you long way to become a mature operating system, not for nothing a couple of days confirming the own Google impending enhancements to natively support chips GPS receivers and headphones connected via Bluetooth.

Well, it seems that the Android wearable version It could receive its first major upgrade next month of October, in particular it is rumored that the 15th day, date in which is would release an official update Android Wear 2.

Also refers to support for clock interfaces developed by third parties, but it will have to wait to see if finally Android Wear receives or not the long-awaited update.

What we do have very clear is that in the coming weeks will be the turn for Google presentations, with the renewal of the Nexus range, Android L and the event in the India to launch Android One.