Android Auto, Appear More Data on Android in Our Car

Google continues to expand its horizons by objective be the perfect companion in our car thanks to Android Auto. The concept of computer on board several years has been working in the world of automotive but it is true that with a system as complete as Android this extra can enter another dimension.

As many as you can imagine we are the possibilities that we could offer Android Auto: navigation, music, new dedicated application creation and adaptation of existing ones. Unfortunately at the moment Android Auto only supports music and messaging applications to listen to our music in the car and be able to reply to messages while we drive.

The operation is simple, connect your Android device to our car with Android Auto and We sincronizaremos much music as your contacts and messages. To start creating an ecosystem that enrich and contribute value to Auto Android, Google has decided to bring out a guide for programmers to make this task easier.

From my point of view if music, GPS navigation and messaging applications are adapted to this operating system the projection and future of this can be quite high. If to this we add a some specially dedicated to driving application, as it can for example be one perform the minimum possible fuel consumption-oriented we have a project at least interesting.