Analysis of The Single Sony Xperia

We know that lives not only high-end platform like Android, and Moreover, the terminals that have more weight in the success of Google’s operating system are precisely the most accessible for all audiences. As we do not want to neglect the best information from that part of the market, today we bring you in Xataka Android the analysis Sony Xperia single, a terminal of more medium or low, range, that adds a interesting list of specifications new features like Floating Touch.

Not happy the Japanese with brand new White Magic in the Xperia P, Floating Touch This is a feature introduced by Sony with this terminal, and that adds new possibilities for all terminals with large touch screens, allowing interactivity with the phone without directly touching the glass screen.

Design, materials and finishes

We always begin our analysis strictly superficially, since the first thing that enters through the eyes of a device is precisely its appearance, its design, its touch and finishes. Yet if it is a device of Sony, which has inherited from Sony Ericsson taste for exquisite design and finishes.

In this case we speak of a device that escape from the striking designs of the Xperia NXT range, without however forgetting some details that differentiate you, and that Sony has sought in this case highlighting the screen frame, It stands out the terminal body marking his milimalistas straight lines.

This Sony has not changed it, and is the main element continue to be straight lines with rounded corners, looking once more minimalism as a terminal flag very elegant and well finished.

Available in three colors, the phone has an suitable materials, and maintaining the good touch which you can enjoy in their older siblings, although far from housing unibody aluminum which mounts the Xperia P, this back to used plastics.

The back cover comes conveniently anchored, and because the sides are part of it, does not show any kind of slack. In addition, it has a rather nice touch, and which will prevent stains thanks to its finish in the purest sand blasted metal.

The main buttons are capacitive and available to regular brand, although as always in Sony, it will have a significant physical camera button.

In general, we are before a well built device for their aspirations and its cost, and which will not disappoint in this regard to any user. Anything that does not wait for Sony, but that happy see in lower ranges terminals.

Screen and hardware

The single Sony Xperia is a terminal with a suitable and comfortable size, its 116 × 59 × 9.9 mm and its 107 grams of weight to blame for this. Your screen stays in the 3.7 inch, Obviously, with a panel of type Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, and this time stays in the 854 × 480 pixel resolution.

The good numbers are not only on the screen, and there is that your processor is dual core, a ST-Ericsson U8500 1 GHz NovaThor, the same as we saw in the Xperia P, helped in this case by 512 MB of RAM memory to complete a good hardware platform.

The internal memory will be of 8 GB, Although this time fortunately if they are expandable via microSD memory card. Hardware rounds so their full connectivity for HSPA +, WiFi, Bluetooth and a NFC chip I began to see more and more terminals.

The camera stays in this case in the 5 megapixel camera, with Sony’s technology and a very decent quality, with ability to capture video at 720 p, LED flash and advanced features as the rapid-fire or panning. We will not however find no front-facing camera that allows video calls.

As we see, is of a very well balanced device for its price, and it is while you are not at the level of other heavyweights in any aspect, it will be few devices which does not exceed 300 euros and has dual-core, a good camera and a display with good size/resolution.

Floating Touch, software and multimedia

Software returns to the subject, and it is that the terminal comes with Andorid 2.3 Gingerbread, a version pre-installed Android which has already been quite obsolete with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and andor 4.1 Jelly Bean already on the market.

As always, Sony promises a quick update to Android 4.0, but that is not a consolation for a device that was born many months after the presentation and launch of Ice Cream Sandwich, the version that we hoped that it accompany virtually all of the devices submitted this year.

Sony returns to opt for its well punctuated customization on Gingerbread, who has been with high note all analyses, and which in this case returns to add extra functionality to a terminal that aims to reach a wide audience.

With regard to the multimedia section, maintains the quality of its Xperia brothers in reproduction of content and solvency when loading games, although in this case we will not see certification PlayStation.

However, the most talked about aspect of the terminal is that perhaps we have been able to get less party, and is that while Floating Touch works, and although Sony has released its SDK to get squeeze as much juice as possible, the truth is that features that use this technology they are rather scarce.

The launcher displays movement near the finger, and the terminal is fully usable with not very thick gloves, and that already represents a breakthrough. Floating Touch, running as a desktop mouse, and allowing mark links with only zoom in and move the finger ahead of the screen is available in the web browser.

With future and possibilities, of that there is no doubt, but at the moment with little tour, Floating Touch represents a good launching point for an improvement that should grow over time.

Performance, optimization and general aspects

The performance of the terminal is in general good, not comparable to a Galaxy SIII or an HTC One X, but without claims of such face-to-face. Your hardware is very notable for its price, and its screen is at the height of very well-received as the Arc and Arc S terminals.

As phone, Sony Xperia single works correct, call our partner complained sometimes strange noises, which may be due also to the network and not to the device. The volume of all speakers, both call as the main, are suitable. Browsing speed is very acceptable, and although it depends also on the network we have not warned of cuts or connectivity problems.

The device is equipped with basic sensors that a smartphone of today should take, and the operation of the GPS and the NFC is pretty good. Sony has seen fit Add back two SmartTags in the package sales, so we will be able to take advantage directly to the latter.

The device is not equipped with HDMI port, but standard 3.5 Jack to mount an audio millimeters and a microUSB port for charging on a side. The DLNA Certification It is present, so it will be possible to share content via this route.

With respect to the battery and consumption, nothing new under the Sun, since the terminal, with normal use, will have to be loaded on a daily basis every day or two how much.

Sony Xperia sola, Xataka Android view

The Sony Xperia sola is a striking device, its shocking how stuck screen onto the housing design will not leave indifferent anybody. Its finishes are good, as usual Sony, and plastic materials have been well chosen to solve a nice touch and not expensive.

Perhaps the most important asset the single Sony Xperia is its Price, and it is a terminal with a fairly balanced hardware, dual core, and a good display with a size suitable to the majority, is not easy to find by less than 300 euros suggested retail price in version free.

In addition, the single Sony Xperia is a pioneer, and is having the responsibility to teach the world the possibilities of the technology Floating Touch, Although at the moment it is in diapers, I could give much to talk about in the coming months.

Sony has worked well this year, and although it starts to saturate us different models, the truth is that each one stands out in his plot, and this Single Xperia has many arguments to find its niche among the users.

The competition is serious this year, so we’ll see the credibility that give buyers to work for Sony with their affordable range devices. The single Xperia like you?

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The terminal has been granted for testing by Sony Mobile España. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.