An Initiative for Tolerance

If you you in this heading the question, whether we want to be suddenly politically, no! We can reassure you. That is not our goal. We want to just go fishing, have fun and tell. However, should we get rid of strongly something.

In recent months, there were refugees – not a topic that was more present than this. Policymakers, the media, the people. Everyone is involved, everyone has something to say, most know it better than others, hardly anyone has even no opinion. The current aid for refugees is not sufficient one, others are of the opinion it must deal with other problems.

The refugee situation, which has evolved in the last few months, is complex and far too complex to have a recipe for this. Therefore, open dialogues are important. And it goes without saying that these different opinions come together. Not only that, it’s a democracy even of elementary importance. Therefore do we impose our opinion on the refugee debate anyone or it assume us to know what is right and what is wrong. In all discussions about this topic there, we noticed however, that regularly exceeded a limit.

When reading comments such as “Main thing the black heads will be helped” or “Simply deport the Pack”, our kind coming up breakfast. Then a political discussion level is left and one-dimensional xenophobia spread. To condemn such statements, has also nothing to do with policy, but simply with humanity. When you’re friends fishing in Germany via Facebook with hundreds of other anglers, it happens with alarming regularity that you must read racist slogans in his news feed. Of course, you can regularly clean his friend lists, block people, and hide the problem for themselves. Change does nothing but. We’ve had it happen a while about us, now we want to send a signal. In General as a people. In the concrete as predator anglers who do not tolerate racism according to BESTFISHINGESSENTIALS.

Heinz Simon is Cologne. Originally. At the end of the 1930s, a few years after the rise to power of the Nazi party, he had to leave the country as nine with his family, because they were andersgläubig than other Germans. After the escape, Heinz in Africa grew up and started a family there. Some 60 years later, his grandson Daniel Andriani professional reasons went back to Germany. And it pleased him well here. Most people were friendly. Not always welcome, but mostly authentic and often helpful. It was hard to imagine that his grandfather just a few decades earlier was expelled from this progressive, educated and largely tolerant country.

The past may not catch up with us. We have achieved a lot, that we not destroy us should leave. Let’s talk openly about everything. Also about immigration and in what ways you can deal with refugee flows. Only let us never forgetting, that racism, xenophobia, blind intolerance towards other religions, skin or hair color is never the right way.

True to the motto: people are foreigners. Somewhere. Racists are bastards. Everywhere.

Should first and foremost, predator fishing follow us and draw attention to our statement on racism within the fishing scene, we have considered our own motto: (B) races play no role.

We are aware that the use of the word is borderline breeds in terms of people at least in the German language. We have decided however aware, provocative to use it to highlight even more closely on the problem.

We are delighted that we can already count at the start of the initiative on the support of some prominent anglers:

Ex – football player Patrick Owomoyela, the YouTube and Facebook stars Christopher Mietzner alias OderSpreeAngler, Jose Luis Mendez Acosta alias big L, Sarah Perch, the Bundesliga player of Hertha BSC Marvin plates Magnus and Alexander Baumjohann and synchronous spokesman legend of Charles Raha.

Class that you supported the action!

Now we sell through our online-shop the two T-Shirts “(B) breeds are irrelevant!” and “Multicultural rainbow trout”. The profit from the sale of the T-Shirt we donate fully the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. Information about the Foundation can be found at

Who wants to buy a T-Shirt but still donate something against racism, can transfer with the purpose of “BSKR” directly on the account of the Foundation:

Amadeu Antonio Foundation

GLS Bank in Bochum

BANK CODE 430 609 67

Account 6005 000