American football

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Two teams per eleven people try to achieve a field goal during a football game with the oval ball of the game or to get this to get points in the opposing end zone. The offensive is in the possession of the ball and trying to reach the goal by running and throwing a touchdown or a field. The defensive, however, tries to prevent the attacking opponents with this project. If the campaign fails after four attempts, to achieve a space ten yards, the offensive changes. The team that has scored the most points after the end of the season has won in football. For the sport of football, a whole range of equipment are necessary to safely and correctly to run this game. Shoulderpads, helmets, gloves, shoes, functional clothing, protection and the special oval balls are needed. Shoulderpads are to absorb the shoulders, chest and back from hard knocks on the part of the opponent during a football game or dampen. They consist of a metal frame with inner pads. The helmets to protect football players from head injuries and shock and a face mask made of a metal grid to protect of the face is also necessary. Gloves serve the protection function and allow better access the game ball. The oval match ball for football usually consists of four Brown plastic, leather or rubber pieces. Football boots have studs on the sole for a better grip on the lawn and are specifically made for this kind of sport. Properly equipped for this adventurous game of ball relentless competition of points equal to battle can be worn out then.