Alverde Mineral Blush Pearls Wonderful Dawn and Fantastic Fudge

This beautiful mineral Blush pearls were also still In the test package by alverde NATURKOSMETIK. I wanted to test such gems long ever, was too stingy to buy me some.Therefore I am very over

  • Wonderful dawn, color 20
  • Fantastic fudge, color 10

I inserted today directly toffee fantastic for a makeup consultation. It is a great color for fall color types.

Wonderful dawn is exactly suitable for summer color types.

Both colours look very natural and conjure a radiant complexion in the cheek area. On the back of my hand is the order to see: In the upper part of the delicate wonderful dawn, in the lower part of the more fantastic toffee.
The products in this post were provided cost and unconditionally me by dm or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much! The post reflect my honest, free and subjective opinion according to shopareview.

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