Alternative Stoves

When we go camping, take a long journey or any other activity where we need to cook whenever we encounter a problem called “stove”. Usually the stoves have a good space inside the backpack, primarily because of the gas cylinder that makes the stove work.

A solution to this problem would be to cook using a fire, but this method requires some practice and knowledge that many do not have. For this reason I cite this text some “instruments” that facilitate the lives of those who need to prepare a meal in the middle of the adventure.

If there is a position to take a gas cooker, then take, because it facilitates your life more than any other method presented in this post. The advantage of the other stoves campingship will present is just in the weight and size of them compared with the gas cooker.

In practice, any (peas, corn, tuna …) serves as stove, just some light modifications are necessary as, for example, make holes for oxygen get into the can when the Pan is placed on top, because without oxygen the fire dies.

A type of stove theoretically easy to do and it’s a lot like the stove of the Brazilian Army campaign is this:

In this instrument, the Pan goes on top and the fire coming through the holes in the can.

There is also a good cooker easy to do using cans of soda or beer:

In this model, the Pan needs to be on a pedestal, because the Tin does not offer security and does not support the weight of the pot.

To view step-by-step the process of construction of these two models visit the link quoted as a source in the images.

These stoves, no doubt are lighter and smaller than the gas stoves and p ara run recommended is to use a solid fuel. Many people use the liquid alcohol, but I wouldn’t recommend it due to the high risk there is of an accident. (I have not tested, but I think the stove can of soda works only with liquid alcohol.)

A solid fuel that I love using is Fogaço, it looks like a bar of SOAP, but made from alcohol. Watch the video:

There is also a very simple technique for a solid fuel at home. It’s really simple, these are pieces of cotton soaked in paraffin. View video of Giuliano Toniolo explaining how to prepare this fuel:

If you know other model of stove, leave in the comments of this post to everyone knowing different models of which were presented here.