Alta Moda Roma Fashion Week

At AltaRoma, Haute Couture parades through the great of the Earth. The parades of fashion in Rome, while the Eagle held the G8 summit, will dedicate their catwalks to women, the First Lady, along with husbands. The eye of the designers will be addressed to the issues discussed at the summit of Eagle.

In Rome will bring their creations great designers like Gattinoni, Curiel, Abed Mafhouz, Rami al Ali, Michele Miglionico, Franco Ciambella, Susanna Liso, Camillo Bona, Susan Lancaster. And there will be many references to the G8 Summit that will take place a little more distant, in the tormented lands from earthquake April 2009.
Lella Curiel says so: “every outfit comes from a deep contamination between apparently distant worlds, East and West. A dialogue which over the centuries has never stopped, music, art, culture, theatre and dance.

I hope that the great of the earth can finally get together on land and common paths like world history teaches“.
Guillermo Mariotto di Gattinoni wants to speak of hope and it’s no coincidence that the summit is held at the Eagle, a symbol that gives everyone a regenerating power that looks to the future. Lorenzo Riva pays tribute to the G8 with details of Eagles applied to clothes. While the Lebanese Elie Saab has chosen the theme of world peace for his fashion news: “I have already dedicated in 2006 a parade for peace in my country, Lebanon. A red wedding dress in remembrance of the blood shed in over 30 years by a civil war, a tragedy that seems to know no end. On the occasion of the G8 I dedicate my fashion shows to large Earth symbolically because you can really “fight” for a lasting peace, equality of rights of all human beings“.
Not forgetting Franco Doughnut with her project “Made in Italy for Abruzzo”.