All You Need to Know About Badminton

Badminton, a popular sport that is played in world’s 160 Nations

Badminton is a game that counts in the area of the non-return game. It is played with two badminton rackets and a shuttlecock, which is put over a relatively high net. There are different types, rendering this sport, because it can be played in pairs, but also four. There’s rules, including those that the playing field is divided into four parts, of which each player has two parts, the shuttlecock is possible should land on which. It would be a point for the opponent.

Badminton is similar to tennis while, however the rules of badminton are different from the ground up. For example the ball at the Badminton must never touch the ground, what is obligatory when the tennis, however. A Badminton racket is much easier and also the tennis ball is a lot heavier than a shuttlecock. This usually consists of a rubber Dome, to which is attached a wreath made of feathers. That’s why it’s best to play badminton in a gym, because the shuttlecock is affected by its low weight by gusts of wind in his flight.

Is a more sport, which is very similar to badminton, badminton. This is often confused with badminton, however, the objectives of the two sports are different, because points must be achieved in badminton where the shuttlecock is struck that the opponents no longer can retaliate him, without violating the rules. When the shuttlecock is the goal however, to drop the shuttlecock so long as only possible not on the ground.

International take place annually numerous competitions in badminton, where all these rules are strictly respected. The teams and clubs come from many different countries around the world. In Germany, there were the first Badminton Club, namely the Homburg Badminton Club in 1903. To this day, badminton is a sport that has gained a great importance worldwide. Badminton requires a very high fitness with the player, since de players must often quickly respond and must closely coordinate arm movements in a short time.

All around the topic of badminton

Setback playing badminton include a badminton and a Club each player the necessary items. It is possible to play this sport with two or four players. Depending on the match is known as single or double. Although similarities with the game are tennis, but there are fundamental differences. First of all, the playing field is much smaller at Badminton. Also a Badminton racket is much lighter and the shuttlecock must not touch the ground. High requirements in terms of reflexes, speed, and stamina is a male badminton player. Each player must be konzentrationsfähig and tactically skilled, to say of the competitions. The latest scoring rules are as follows: there will be played on two sets of each 21 points. Any failure of a player is considered point for its opponents. This results when badminton to exciting game sets, in which each side tries to fool, to confuse and surprise attack.

Usually played badminton in a Hall, as even the smallest Windzüge too much can affect the trajectory of the Federballs. The minimum height for the Hall this is five meters. The equipment even for a real badminton game includes the rackets, badminton, the right clothing and good shoes. The Badminton racket is similar to, but considerably lighter and slightly smaller with a tennis racket. The Shuttlecocks are traditionally made out of feathers with a head made of Cork. These natural Shuttlecocks are called this way and are used especially in higher leagues and international competitions. Have the youth and leisure, however, when the prevailed badminton imitation plastic.

The most important in badminton is a good racket. Here, there are big differences. Especially to look for when buying a Badminton racket on the cover. This may be not too soft, the cover should be fixed and regular. A good entry-level model is sufficient for hobby players and beginners. The cheap products you should be but even then fingers, if you want to play some badminton only occasionally in the circle of friends. These thugs are more difficult and worse in the handling. Also usually very quickly go broken and you have joy to them only briefly. Thus you need to buy relatively soon a new racket, which is then more expensive, as if to equal a good beginner racket attack would have.

All crucial for the selection also the shaft and the handle of the paddle are in addition to the covering. A club must be well in hand, because he is to represent Yes the extension of the arm. For professionals is a high-quality clubs. If you have already passed the beginner stage, you should choose a nice per-fish stocks from our range. You will be amazed by the high quality materials and the good playability of our products.