All Kinds of Umbrella Stands

The receiver a House is the prelude of what you will find inside. But they have the handicap, at least in my case, being where the children shed everything, coats, backpacks, shoes, skateboards or waves. It is his way of saying… because I’m at home. Why is essential (apart from educating them) make it as easy as possible.

A coat rack Nice helps you to hang coats and a trunk below, the perfect place for the skates, balls or whatever to bring Street. Simple elements that it not overloaded environment. It should also be good lighting.

Among the elements of the lobby a good becomes necessary umbrella stand, says In addition to being willing to put umbrellas and canes arriving from the street, it can serve as a beautiful decoration accessory. You can find them in a myriad of colors, shapes, materials, sizes. It all depends on your taste and decoration.

There are leather, synthetic leather, methacrylate, wood, glass, plastic there are conical, square, Wall, metal…

A universe for the umbrella not dripping around the House when you enter and are always collected and in order. It’s over that of where are the umbrellas, raining?

To see rain should go to the North. There it makes sense devote time to thinking about umbrella stands and use them for other purposes. Days and days of rain, even in the summer, in which there is no rest for the umbrella. This umbrella stand that we see in the picture is an original proposal for reuse of rainwater that always arrive soaked home, that water which we always fear that it runs into the Hall, and good going can give us a good service.

A tray collects the water and gives shelter to the plants, which grow satisfied under a few sticks of foam absorb the liquid element and distributed it in the planter. The image is very cool, since bands of foam, cluttered and a vivid green grass, like a plant.

Leaving the subject umbrella between strips of foam until dry, make sure that moisture, in addition to being safe, return us a small garden to the door of our House. This fun and practical idea is a design of Cun-Min Zheng, Yan-Zhen Li & Xin-Yu Wang.