All Jeans

If I enter the term* jeans*in the upper right corner of the search box, I get a bit of slumber 97 posts… and down, when I click on jeans in the cloud, 10 pages also open up.

 I believe it will be official: I love jeans… and not just as a pants material… no, that would be too much for this ingenious fabric. I love pretty much everything you can make from it… Jackets, skirts, shorts, shirts, vests and I can remember darkly, I had also times ne Jeanstasche. Where is it actually left? However, what is rather new is that I combine jeans with jeans… and that is admittedly not so easy…

Denim Everywhere

If I put the term “jeans” into the search box on the top right-hand corner, I get a hammering 97 articles and downwards, when I click on the word jeans in the cloud, 10 pages are opened. I think it is official: I love jeans and denim… and not just in the form of trousers… no, that would be a pity for such brilliant material. I love all that can be made from denim… jackets, skirts, shorts, shirts, waistcoats and I can vaguely remember having a denim bag. Where did I leave that? However, what is the reason for this?

Jeans And Jeans

Not all jewels really fit together… and this is not just the color… Blue is not blue… but not every jeans fabric suits the other… In so far, not only the eye but also the fingertips decide with. Where… actually you can even see it if the materials do not really harmonize… But without a color break, I can not let two jeans pieces on each other. This is such a feeling and to take this into account, I have decided for the white blouse and so it does not totally scream after work wear, combined with the high heels…

Denim And Denim

Not all made of the denim is going to be the same thing… and that’s not just because of the color. In this respect, not only does the eye decide but also the finger tips play a deciding role. However, it is not a good idea, but it is not a good idea. That’s some kind of feeling. I’ve been on a white blouse. And then again, so it’s not scream of workwear, I added the high heels

#40 plusstyle Inspiration

I am always happy when my blog so unforeseen things happen… and last weekend was it again… Sylvia from the 40 plusstyle blog has chosen my IT outfit for her  40 plusstyle inspiration … that makes me happy and I say THANK YOU !!! And a big THANK YOU also to you, you visit me here and give me your precious time… Have a nice week-you dear-your Conny

#40 plusstyle Inspiration      

I like it a lot, but it’s a good idea. I’m not a big fan of my blog. I was very happy about this and say THANK YOU !!! And so a big THANK YOU to all of you who is going to visit me and spend your precious time with me… Have a great week my dears-Your, Conny.