All About Football for Dummies

The football – a sport that combines all

If there is a sport that is popular all over the world, it is football. No matter where you look, everywhere you can see the team sport, on television and in sold-out stadiums. Football is a phenomenon. It connects people, awakened never shown emotion and is just fun, just watching or playing actively. That’s what makes the sport so intriguing. To major events such as European or World Championships, there is hardly a person leaves the ball games.You think back to the football World Cup in Germany, you have joyful people, boisterous parties and a special kind of connectedness in the sense. That’s what matters in sports. It is also to success and ambition first and foremost but to the joy of the sport. Hardly another sport can transmit this feeling as well as football. Not for nothing, this sport is the first, especially young learn anywhere in the world at an early age. Many retain the passion for soccer her life as a fan or active player.

They are relatively easy to understand rules another reason for the popularity of football. Two teams of â 11 players compete against each other and try to score more goals than the other. The subject-matter, this must be moved to the opponent’s goal, is the Football League, the game is also named after the.

Within the team, a distinction is made between different types of players such as goalkeeper and striker and midfield – defensive player. Of course the game distinguishes itself by other differentiated rules, which quickly but understands after watching fewer games. An exception at most represents the offside rule which is especially for the female sex smoking heads and partial lack of understanding. All in all is football but a sport that inspires people and encourages more movement – and that’s what matters finally.

Everything for the right kick

World football is one of the most popular team sports. There is hardly anyone who is not familiar with the sport, which was built around 1850 in the United Kingdom and quickly spread in Europe. The first Football Association was founded in London in 1863 and also the comprehensive rulebook comes from Great Britain.

The Germans, by that time was still sport of the German gymnastics, found fascinating the new sport. Football from sewn strips of leather, which consisted of six groups of two adjacent strips, was sewn to the end of the 60s. These soccer balls with a pig’s bladder were filled. Until 1970, the FIFA World Cup in Mexico was a ball with the now usual five or six corners introduced.

In the meantime, the mass and the weight of football by FIFA are prescribed. If you like to play football and are looking for a new ball, you should consider our offer. The Football League is in almost all colors, either monochromatic or multicoloured offered. It is in bright orange or yellow, it is available also in white with black, blue and colorful stripes or patterns.

The football made of leather or plastic is offered. Sure, you want to have a real leather football, which conforms to the rules of FIFA and is bi-colour black and white. There are also these footballs in the wide range.