Alessandro Sarfatti: In the Footsteps of His Grandfather

If a businessman about weeks not to speak is because he’s constantly in meetings, this can have two causes. Either he has fully all hands to do to save his company from extinction. Or he’s busy hands, to promote the success of the company. The latter is obvious when Alessandro Sarfatti of the case. Anyway, it took proposed three weeks to get him on the phone.

The 42 year-old Sarfatti is Scion a true dynasty of lighting designers and is responsible for the Milan company Luceplan. Grandfather Gino has founded the forerunner of the company called Arteluce in the 1940s and is regarded as one of the pioneers of light design in Italy. His work can be found even in the Museum of modern arts in New York. His son Riccardo Sarfatti continued what had built Gino and in 1979 founded Luceplan. Alessandro so carries the baton according to LEDLIGHTSCLASSIFIED.

“It was not necessarily that I landed in the design. My father has not pushed me from childhood in this direction”, says Alessandro Sarfatti. He studied economics and only after the thought about where his future lies. Since he took the way to light 16 years ago, he has regretted the decision any day. “There are 5800 days full of energy”, he calculates.

Some people flinched in the face of overwhelming heritage of the famous grandfather’s before that, also to work as a lighting designer? Not so, Alessandro. “Design is so no template”, the grandson says he not draw to what gave Gino. “Design is a process.”

Alessandro Sarfatti wants to do everything else as a father and grandfather. “Of course LED of our creativity is the development a lot more room. It’s like a new era”, he says:”But the vision of what is good design, remains the same.” Namely the pursuit of beauty and functionality.

The designers at Luceplan are inundated almost her designs with prices. Red dot Awards, light of the future, good design, design plus and so on. Since 2010, Luceplan is part of Philips luminaires.