Alcatel Is about to Launch Its Economic Smartwatch

Alcatel takes a lifetime with a consistent business model to offer products at a price much lower than its competitors, and intends to continue to do so in what will be his first foray into the sector of smart watches, a sector that promises to gain even more popularity this year.

And it is that the French company has reported The Verge to coworkers He is preparing a smartwatch low cost that, offering various models and designs, will connect to our Android to monitor our physical activity and heart rate, in addition to perform the basic functions of control music playback and notifications.

At the moment the only thing that we have to get a idea of how it will be the clock is render that heads this article, since Alcatel has not yet unveiled the specifications or price for your new device, though it has ensured that this will be much less than its competitors.

It is possible that those looking for a good quality finishes on a device like this regards some mistrust of the Alcatel proposal, but we are confident that will be interesting for these other people still regarded the smartwatches with suspicion and are not willing to spend a lot of money to test to what extent they are useful.