Afternoon In Natural Tones Makeup

Sometimes, you want to go arregladitas and with a makeup that enhances our features without stridency. Today I bring you a proposal of “afternoon” look with a step by step tutorial that I hope you enjoy it and will be useful.

Of course and as usual, the colors are completely your choice. In this case we have played with brown tones and coral to give warmth, but you can apply this technique with the colors that you most favor.

As we are looking for a clean, simple and natural look, we won’t work face volumes. We are not going to give light or give shade on the cheekbone. We will just work a natural blush to give healthy appearance to the face.

Step By Step

We started by applying the concealer in the area around the eyes and on the imperfections in the skin and diffuses the edges very well so it is well integrated. If we look for naturalness, possibly the most appropriate is a fluid concealer, but this depends on the type of skin and the color of the eyecup.

Very important, it is well choose the tone of the spell depending on the skin tone, as if to a very dark eyecup we apply a concealer color clear, will get a greyish and brownish effect on the eyecup and it will not be pretty. Therefore, not only must take into account the eyecup tone, but also the tone of our skin to get optimal results.

We apply background fluid light coverage makeup or medium, so that it unifies us tone skin but without recharging it. It is important is that the tone of the background of makeup is the same than our skin so that it is integrated.

I am in favour of applying it with a brush because I see him more clean and polished, but that is a function of tastes. If we want to obtain a more natural result in the skin, we can apply with the dampened brush or sponge.

We will have care of not to take corrections that we have done previously in the eyecup and the face if there were imperfections.

With the help of a brush apply loose translucent powder to seal the Foundation and concealer.
Now we are going to structure the eye and correct their shape. We delinearemos the eye in its bottom with Brown pencil to about a third of the lash line.

With the same Brown pencil dibujaremos the < external of the eye over our natural crease. Lthen fill the Crescent and diffuses to break lines.

To seal the pencil, we chose a dark brown shade and a brush of small size cat language. We will draw the < external of the eye over our natural crease, with the chosen shade and then fill the Crescent of the < with the same shadow. We clean the brush and proceed to fade out and upward to tear the eye and half moon inside to lose the lines well.

With the same brush and shaded dark brown, seal the outer third eye below very flush of eyelashes eyelid.
With a language of big cat and a clear shadow brush, we are going to mark a spot of light just under the Arch of the eyebrow and fade. Then, we will apply another point of light with the same shade in the tear.
With an intermediate coral, we will give a touch in the center of the eyelid and well integrate it with the shadows we already have applied.

We apply the mascara in zig zag and with this we have finished eye makeup.

We delineate the lips with a lip pencil in natural color and fill with a brightness of the same tone.

To give a sanote look to his face, right in the Centre of the cheeks apply a few subtle touches of coral blush very blur.

Thanks to the gorgeous Noelia to model for this evening look.