Adult Trojans-Attack On Android Smartphones

Once again, a trend of negative type. Although that is already long known Trojans wreak huge damage can, are now the owners ofsmartphones running the Android system under attack.

Russian adult websites spread Trojansthat settle in the Smartphone andsend SMS to premium numbers, according to cellphoneexplorer. This was now announced by Kaspersky Lab. It should be the second version of SMS Trojan which attack the smartphones on a similar path as his predecessor. The Trojan disguises itself as a new version of Media Player. According toKaspersky Lab, however the user must install the malware itself so that the Smartphone can be infested by the Trojans. This scam is not new, but the trend of criminal wanders that continue in the direction of the popular smartphones and co., are the targets of attacks bymalicious software and programs. One of the ways the Trojans can be spread can be found here.

For example, users prompts the program pornplayer.apk of smart phonesrunning the Google Android operating system is installed, to download, to see a desired video. In the time in which the program is installed, the Trojan searches for content of smartphone users, to unnoticed paid SMS messages to send to toll numbers. The whole thing is happening in the background so that the Smartphone with get nothing from this operation user. The news cost 6 dollars per message, obtained following in small amounts from the account of the Smartphone user.

To install software of any kind, any Smartphonebesitzer, which receives unsolicited messages or prompts should inform, what he installed there. Because the proportion of Android Smartphonesin the second quarter of this year, according to the market researcher Gartner already is 17.2 percent, can be expected with a progression of this criminal trends. The many sites that offerpornographic content to a zero price lead easily to install a software, which can then cause this damage. So eyes on downloads and installations on the Smartphone. Currently just the announcements are 3D pornographic film, which attract the attention of many Internet users.