Adidas Travel Bags

Are you looking for Adidas? Then know that the brand has many options of models in its product catalog, which recognize the needs of men and women when traveling. The bags are modern, sturdy and make it very easy to carry belongings.

Adidas is one of the most famous brands in the world. Present in hundreds of countries, including Brazil, the brand has been growing a lot since its inception. The company’s focus is on sports-related items such as clothing for physical activity, backpacks, sneakers, equipment and more. In addition to these products there are also travel bags. They are successful among the brand’s fans. They are male, female and also unisex bags.

Adidas Travel Bags

The  Adidas bags are made with an excellent and durable material. It is you who choose the color, because each model has different color options for you to choose. They are still divided into styles, as if they were different lines. Each line has its models that follow different trends. To check all available models, visit the Adidas Brasil website and find what you are looking for. Adidas is a German company, but it is present in the main countries of the world. It still has a strong influence in the United States and for this reason many think the brand is American.

Having an Adidas product turned out to be synonymous with style and personality. Today she is the sponsor of international and national teams. The symbol is known all over the world and it is pride for many to use the brand.

Models Of Adidas Handbags

The  models bags for Adidas trip are sold in multi-brand stores throughout the country and elsewhere in the world. The travel bag is a little bigger than the normal bag, that is, the backpack, which is so used by young people. In the larger model the bags can also be carried on the back, carried in the hand or even transversely. There are different sizes, types and colors of purses, whether traveling, walking or other types of activities.

The following are the main options of Adidas travel bags that are sold in Brazil:

– Adidas Essentials Bag: This is a unisex model, which offers great interior space for carrying clothes, shoes and other personal items. The Adidas logo makes the model even more distinctive. Price: R $ 119,90.

– Adidas Perf Essentials Bag: Ideal for those looking for a more subtle sports bag, that is, that does not have the Adidas logo in such an open way. The piece is made of durable material and has multiple pockets. Price: R $ 129,90.

– Adidas Team 3S Essentials Small Bag: with compact shape and durable material, this model is perfect for traveling or transporting the belongings of the academy. Price: R $ 89.99.

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Where To Buy Adidas Handbags?

On the internet, some virtual stores are specialized in selling Adidas handbags. The main ones are:

– Net shoes


– Sports

Prices Of Adidas Handbags

The prices of Adidas handbags vary depending on each model, size and other features. The average price of a small sized bag is $ 100. This value may be higher depending on the size. The bigger the bag, the higher the price. The line is also something that influences. Some lines have a slightly higher value than others. In the stores where the products are sold you constantly find deals on Adidas travel bags and other activities as well.