Accessories for Survival: Survival of the Outfit?

Trekking and survival are the staple of an active adventure holiday. The Gentleman Blog presents gadgets that can enrich both the Active holiday and everyday life in the peaceful home.

Who feels the morning subway ride as adventurous, will commit in the future probably more relaxed them against the background that he has experienced far more dangerous. Some survival techniques and accessories prove well away from the jungle paths quite useful.

The Pocket-knife – the classic

The famous Swiss army knife is one of the most versatile and most popular tools in the world. Meanwhile, there are so many variations of this famous classic, as the buyer has fantasy – she to enumerate here all is therefore impossible.

It must indeed be not always the premium version of the Pocket knife, which has hundreds of different functions and is wider than your own wrist. A Pocket knife helps to remove a loose thread damage-free, open a package, open a bottle of wine, or to tighten loose screw may also.

In any case a Pocket knife, the impression that the owner has even unforeseen situations under control or is at least prepared. But care: at the security checkpoint at the airport, a Pocket knife can uncomfortably conspicuous and be lost forever.

Wrist watch – unexpectedly versatile

A clock as a tool? It must not be James Bond, if you would like to use his watch to more than “just” to the pure time. Different manufacturers today attempting to extend the clock function. In addition to the Smartwatches, there are also “hardware”-solutions. Victorinox goes this way. The manufacturer of Swiss Pocket knives transfers the principle on the new stainless steel p record. The highlight: The bracelet can be turned into a strong rope.

Whether on the move pulls a shoelace or spontaneously several ropes are required, these and other problems with just a few simple steps can the Paracord solve. Because the braided nylon line consists of several individual strings, which can easily be separated if necessary. Overall, it has a tensile strength of up to 250 kg. Another advantage: The housing protection can be off and transform to the compass. In this way, the Watch not so unlike become a versatile companion, the Pocket knife.

Even if the clock in two colors (black and green), is available each should be clear: you does not match any outfit. But something looser’s the day or his last survival trip picks up, certainly stands out the clock as a fashion accessory. And that is the paramount record INOX for the holidays generally suitable, of course.

To buy, there is that Paracord under: cord

Hip flask/flask – for the warming-up in between

For everyday probably not the usual accessory, a classy hip flask on longer journeys and freezing cold comes just located. According to the personal taste a bottle of classic stainless steel offered or even a model with a fine leather wrapping. Usually are located in those jars of spirits, so one for on the go has a little something to warm up. As well, a gentleman proves his vision if he offered something warm if necessary during a winter walk in the freezing Lady at his side. An additional plus: often you can beautify a flask with a variety of engravings. So the individuality is also revealed.

With these three tools of the modern gentleman, we close the first articles on the useful survival tools of everyday life. Do you know something that necessarily should be presented in this series of articles, which is indispensable for you? Can name it like in the comment column of this article.

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