A Phone That Can Be Bent Is Possible in 2016, According to Samsung

Samsung follow theirs, attempting to mark differences in technology with other manufacturers. His strongest point seems to be on the screens, we’ve already seen as its latest Galaxy S6 Edge curvature on both sides of the screen. The most significant step will be sometime in 2016, when there is a phone that can be folded.

No, not double by bad construction, are not going to go into that issue again. Bending by that design requires it, Alternatively, the design takes advantage of it. Samsung says that the coming year they can have ready “something”.

There are several levels in this flexible screens, we have already seen the first step in the market, which are the curved screens. The next step it would have on screens that You can fold, as it is the case that we are trying, and a last step would pick up the possibility that the device you could roll up, without prejudice to the display and other components.

Since the 2014 CES, Samsung Display had already shown screens that fold in prototypes, behind closed doors.

Samsung is not alone in this way, its neighbor of LG have already demonstrated that they have no problem to create curved with the two G Flex screens, but they have not acted more flexibility regarding.

If we take a look back with statements and information leaked, LG should enter the same game sometime in 2017. LG seem to interested in working the transparency of the screens, Although they have an application away from mobile devices.

Some consulting firms such as IHS consider technology – the ability to bend the screen – will be more interesting tablets, to get more compact products when they are not being used. It could be a reality by the end of year.