A Pair of Earrings to Lose Weight

I sincerely thought that it would surprise me after reading about a toothpaste that supposedly helps lose weight already nothing. I was wrong: just bumping me with the announcement of a pair of earrings and a bracelet that promise to become our allies in the operation bikini since they reduce the appetite… do new fraud in sight?.

In theory its mechanism comes from traditional Chinese medicine: Earrings have biomagnetic fixation (i.e., not required holes), and exert pressure on the lobes of the ears or strategic points of your wrist, which supposedly makes that they reduce the urge to eat: simple and easy… perfect for those who wish to lose weight rapidly and without any effort.

8,99 Euro (seriously it costs, If this price everyone could lose weight there would be no problems of overweight that are currently). As whenever we find such products, we recommend to follow a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and exercise… that it is the only formula for success.

Elegant and Feminine Earrings of Dior

The first thing I thought to see these elegant earrings is in a party held by sciencedict.com! As that better touch of luxury than this for a meeting of high level or a party that requires elegance. No doubt to the naked eye have a very seductive look, but if we look in more detail you can appreciate even more your fine design.

There is no piece of luxury that these pendants do not possess, since they have of embedded crystals each initial Dior, polished metal, and even hooks on legitimate Silver. There is no doubt that they promise a very feminine and original style, they are a synonym for an elegant and sophisticated woman.

Although these are my favorites, bet collection to various designs with different variations in their colors, anyway, always leaving present the signature Dior as main motif. They are on sale at a price of 210 dollars.