A New Filtration Us Anticipates That The G4 of LG Will Come Preinstalled with 5.1 Android

Android 5.1 is coming soon. Even says that it will reach some terminals over the coming week. Without a doubt, is very good news for all users of this platform, but especially for those who have already passed Android 5.0 and they are having problems with it, unexpected restarts or errors in the management of main memory, which, as it seems, will be corrected in this review.

We can expect that version 5.1 will gradually reaching all the terminals that have already received, or will receive, Android 5.0. However, the mobile generation that still have not come to stores could disembark directly with the latest edition of Android, somewhat reasonable, and, above all, desirable. Indeed, this seems to be the case of LG and his next “flagship”, G4.

A few hours ago has appeared in the the HTML5Test performance test data base an entry describing a new smartphone from LG, identified by the code name LG-H818, which apparently belongs to the version of the G4 which hit the Asian market. Would not have much interest if not because it reveals a fact that until now we didn’t know: this phone will come with pre-installed Android 5.1.

The tracks that we have seem to indicate that the next «flagship» LG will arrive in April, it seems very reasonable that land with the latest version of Android. And it is that, in addition to correcting the problems that I mentioned at the beginning of the post, is expected that this iteration better manage battery, increase global stability the Terminal and enter some new features in the notifications panel. I will continue counting when we have more data.