A Natural Day Make-Up with Bareminerals Products

Today I would like to show you a day make-up with products from the bareMinerals Goodie-Bag, which I had received at the Beautypress-Event. I have used the products very often, and I do not want to miss them any more. When I discovered bare minerals the first time when zapping on QVC, I was immediately fascinated. I have always been very dissatisfied with my troubled complexion, but still prefer a quick and uncomplicated application. Most preferably in powder form! Nevertheless, I had never bought products of this brand and instead tried other mineral make-ups, which were partly easier to obtain or cheaper. Luckily, however, I got the opportunity to try some products myself through the Goodie bag. The products of bareMinerals are not only available at QVC, but also at Douglas or Karstadt (online and in selected branches).


Minerals are at the core of the bareMinerals products, which should provide long-lasting coverage, an unbelievable wearing feel, UVA / UVB protection and seamlessly selectable colors.The brand has existed since 1976, but only since 2011 also in Germany. The products from my goodie bag I would now like to introduce you somewhat more precisely according to Makeupnecessities.Com.

Primetime Foundation Primer “Neutralizing”

The Primetime Foundatin Primer “Neutralizing” was included for the primer. This should reduce fine lines, compensate for unevenness and minimize the appearance of pores. In addition, the durability of the foundations is to be extended. In total, there are three variants: oil control, brightening and neutralizing. I have received the latter, the QVC price is here at 22 euros for 30ml, at Douglas in the Onlineshop I have not found this primer.

With a pump impulse comes in my opinion far too much of the product. Apply a thin layer and let it dry. However, since so much product comes out, I probably wear it a bit too thick. If I do not pay attention, he settles in my slightly larger pores on my nose. This can no longer be compensated by the Foundation and looks ugly. Besides, he appears to me quite yellow. In the meantime, I do not use it anymore and just put the Foundation directly on.

Available for example at QVC.

Original Foundation SPF15 N10 “Fairly Light” (Available Here)

The creamy minerals in the Foundations are designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without drying the skin. There are 20 coordinated colors and three finishes. I got the bareMinerals  ORIGINAL Foundation with SPF15 in the color “fairly light” N10. In the tin are 8g mineral makeup included and the price is with QVC at 25 euros and with Douglas at 27 euros. However, there seems to be only four shades in QVC, where dor “fairly ligh” is described as “very bright”. The ORIGINAL Foundation is to remain perfect for up to eight hours and give a natural, bright finish without bubbling on the cover. In addition, the skin should be cleaner and healthier. Phew, quite a lot of promises and all that I want for my complexion.

And actually, the opacity I find sufficient and can be built up. Only the quite strong shimmer disturbed me somewhat. This makes a very nice, even finish, but unfortunately I start with mymixed skin quite quickly. A whole working day or the promised eight hours the Foundation keeps with me so not through and at least with the somewhat greasy nose and forehead the result does not look as fast as at the beginning. However, I am currently using the Foundation very much because it is fast and easy to apply and produces a nice result. Dry skin spots are not emphasized and you do not even notice that you are wearing a foundation.

For the application, I turn the plastic shutter just a bit, shake the can with the lid slightly, and then take the powder with my Zoeva Kabuki brush. To make the application even, I add the powder to the brush by turning it a few times in the lid. I would recommend the ORIGINAL Foundation because of its luster but not with mixed skin or greasy skin. In addition to the ORIGINAL Foundation, there are the MATTE SPF15 and the READY SPF20 Foundation, and especially the MATTE sounds best for my purposes.

Stroke Of Light Eye Brigthener

In the goodies bag was a tasting size of the Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener included. This should lighten the eye part, mask the eye rings and minimize the appearance of fine lines. It is supposed to leave a bright glow and to compensate for impurities. I tried it for my eye-rings and unfortunately he does not like it so much. It contains fairly coarse glitter particles, which are also clearly visible, so I would recommend it to the Highlighter of the Augeninnenwinkel.

Lash Domination Mascara (Available Here)

From the Mascara Lash Domination, however, I am thrilled. Also here was a sample size included, the spiral-shaped brush seems to have the original size. At Douglas the mascara costs 20 euros. I like the mascara very much and the probing size probably soon exhausted. It gives both volume and length and separates the eyelids very well. Moreover, the whole day without smearing.

Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss Party Starter ( Available Here )

The Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in the color “Partystarter” I like with its coral Rotton also very well. The lipgloss smells sweetish, shortly after application one feels on the lips the cooling effect and one takes a slightly minty taste. The cooling effect, which lasts quite a long time, I find quite pleasant and refreshing. The opacity I would describe as medium strong, but I also have very pale lips, so the color comes into its own. It is quite sticky, but it keeps it quite long.

Swatches & Look

Here you can see Swatches of the Stroke of Light Eye Brightener, the Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss “Party Starter” and the ORIGINAL Foundation “fairly light” (from left to right). I tried to capture the individual make-up steps on photos. Unfortunately, the light conditions seem to have changed during this time, as you can recognize particularly well by my hair color. At the camera settings I had at least nothing changed. You have to imagine something like this:”Oh cool, daylight! Quickly for beautiful natural blog photos use!”And then wild back and forth between my office (dressing table) and the south window (living room) I hope you recognize nevertheless some of the opacity of the Foundation.

Unconditioned 2) Prime Time “Neutralizing” 3) ORIGINAL Foundation “fairly light” 4) Complete make-up with Lash Domination Mascara and Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss “Party Starter” (plus Kajal and Blush from another brand;-))

My Conclusion

My highlights are the Lash Domination Mascara and the marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in the color party starter. The Primetime Primer “Neutralizing” is quite yellow and brings with me no particularly appreciable positive effect, so I only rarely use it. The Bare Minerals ORIGINAL Foundation I think the effect is quite nice, because it has a very natural effect and you do not feel clogged, but unfortunately it does not hold through with my mixed skin for a whole day. Here the MATTE Foundation would certainly be better suited. In my product rechecher for the contribution, I’m still aware of the Correcting Concealer and the Blushes, which are also quite interesting to listen. Besides, I did not know that there are so many products for the eyes of bareMinerals.From primers to eyeshadows to eyeliner and mascara, everything is represented.