A Man’s Shirt

Buttons and buttonholes

On a man’s shirt quality, buttonhole is horizontal.
This will alleviate the friction that often come to this place when we remove and remove the shirt.

The composition of the buttons is also important: plastic buttons held unless pearl buttons. For casual shirts, you can also opt for wooden buttons or bone.
The seam cross of a button is also indicative of a good shirt mid / high range.


English seam (curiously called French Seams)

English seam is u little to the folder that is the Goodyear assembly to the shoe. On a classic shirt ready to wear, two pieces of fabric are simply stacked and sewn together with two rows of stitching (which actually looks at Blake assembly).
On an English fashion, we will fold the edges and make a first row seam inside and a second visible outside.
Formerly feature larger houses, it democratizes again with the introduction of brands to the more streamlined and qualitative production.

The site Alfred Thank conducted an explanatory diagram about perfect to understand the difference:

The Number of Points Per Centimeter

We often speak of the sacrosanct 7 points per centimeter. The point density centimeter has its interest and is not a retail purist: the higher it is, more sewing and robust while maintaining a thinner sewing thread and thus a less coarse finish.

Various Finishes

If the shirt is patterned, you can check continuity thereof between the shoulder yoke and the rest of the shirt or so at the breast pocket, when there is one. also check for a reinforcement swallow between the folds of the shirt on the sides (when the edges are rounded, it serves to prevent the skirts tear).

For a formal shirt mentioned on Itypejob, it’s best to have a collar with removable stays to ensure good maintenance of it: prefer the metal and remove them before washing.