A Historical Exhibition of Jewelry

Bagüés Masriera It is one of the firm’s oldest jewellery in Europe, which has been in the hands of the same family since the year 1839.

On the occasion of the 175 years of existence of a jewelry firm which has contributed to the construction of the cultural and artistic profiles of the city of Barcelona, Bagüés Masriera has organized a historical exhibition modernist Goldsmith, which you can visit over the next 3 months in its establishment of the Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona 41.

Heir to the concept of jewel understood as a vehicle of artistic expression started by Lluís Masriera – essential modernism name-, Bagüés Masriera combines passion, effort and rigour that have accompanied les these 175 years, to create new high jewelry art with meaning and aesthetics.

Lluís Masriera parts are full of dragonflies, fairies and delicate flowers while it innovates in the the enamel technique inventing the plique-a – jour, transparent as a stained glass window.

Enamel is a characteristic element of Bagüés Masriera, which makes them unique and recognized as great masters in this ancient art

Among the pieces that will be in the exhibition is a pendant that prepresenta one winged nymph, done in gold with diamonds, opals and Pearl. One of the creation about Masriera dating back to 1902.

At petsinclude.com, you can also see a cheap bracelet depicting a snake made of gold, translucent enamel, dimantes, Emerald, opal and Onyx. One of the Art Déco most original pieces signed by Masriera in 1925.

Spectacular the ring Chaise Longue made in white gold 18 k with a Peridot of size 7.92 Carré carats, a pink tourmaline size rack of 8 carats, aquamarine’s size Trapeze 6.80 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds. This ring belongs to the tribute to Bagues collection.

But those who have I absolutely love are ones Earrings Gold 18 k with diamonds and enamels to fire yellow brilliant-cut.

In addition to this fantastic exhibition, Bagüés Masriera policymakers are organizing a year of very special celebrations, you will be communicating promptly, as we love the aesthetic taste of the designs of the firm, and excitement that we cause.

Note that current managers have been able to internalize the! excellence of the work of their ancestors, both technical and artistic! Do not you think?