7 Pieces Givong a Sporting Touch to the Look Masculine

The normcore trend, which privileges the clothes simple and comfortable, just bringing a sporting touch to the visual male, even when the intention is not to mount a production very relax. Sweatshirts, jackets and sneakers sports source, but whose design is unobtrusive and, often, retro, lend an air stripped to look, enabling new combinations. Below is the most suitable for this:

1-Jogger Pants

The darling of the season, some time tries to fall in like and looks like it is finally being accepted by men. Can appear in two versions: or Twill sweatshirt, the first being more versatile and easy to combine, but with a much smaller sports appeal, the second is very casual and requires a look well thought to not look like clothes to stay home watching the Faustão.

Tip: The key is to mix the pieces hanging always for a casual Coif. If you’re using the sweatpants, try balancing with something like a denim blazer to let visual slightly more serious. Notice how the example below Coca-Cola’s Jeans, sweatpants, but cut like a pair of chino, already thinking about the combination more aligned.

See below for two examples of pants jogger:

The left-pants Redley Twill- Buy here!

Right-sweatpants Coca-Cola Jeans- Buy here!

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2-Sports Retro Sneakers

Unlike the modern Academy tennis, with its vibrant colors and ultra technology sole, reserved only for exercise, sporting retro model looks great with jeans and casual shirt, making a combination well.Complement well accessories like the cord or canvas belts and watches with bracelet NATO (nylon).

Tip: Choose colors carefully, the strongest draw attention, so if you want something sporty, but discreet, bet on combinations with marine, beige, Brown, olive and wine.

See below for two examples:

New Balance Shoes- Buy Here!

You guys are asking me if you can’t really use the Tennis Academy with casual clothes … well, if it’s something like this below Asics, with a predominant color well sober and vibrant colors used with discretion, Yes, but you have to perfect the production!

Sonoma Gel Asics sneakers- Buy here!

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3-Sports Jacket

That jacket or windbreaker light you use to go to the gym in the windy days or mild cold can be inserted into a casual combo if you need a bit of boldness. The contrast between the part and the rest of the visual can also give a more young and cool, ideal for walking, including ballads, malls and bars.

Tip: In time to combine give preference for bright colours in costumes for the day and neutral (black, Navy and grey) in productions for night.Very classic watches may not work with the piece, then choose the casual with steel bracelet, rubber or nylon.

See below 2 examples:

The left-Red Lacoste Jacket- Buy here!

The right–Adidas Originals Jacket- Buy here!

4-Basic Sweatshirt

The Sweatshirt jacket has been criticized in the past, but the truth is that the item does not tolerate exaggeration, so the combination with other more elegant clothes ensures a modern production without falling into same problem of jogger pants above mesh.

Tip: denim jeans or denim are a sure bet, as well as basic as discrete tennis canvas Converse, Vans, Nike or Adidas.

Here is an example of basic sweater Sweatshirt:

Benetton Gray Sweatshirt- Buy here!

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5-Shorts With Floral Print/Foliage

Bermuda is reserved for the surf gets a chance to integrate the urban casual look thanks to floral prints trend or foliage that promise to invade the next summer season. In this case the combination has to be designed for the Brazilian heat, soon got to be all very light and fresh.

Tip: short sleeve shirts, canvas sneakers or docksides and grey shirts make a good set. Just be careful with the amount of prints since the shorts will call a lot of attention. Enjoy to choose beautiful sunglasses and a hat to protect from the Sun.

Here is an example:

Billabong shorts Rockaway- Buy here!

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6-Polo Shirt

The polo has its roots in the practice of tennis, but there are even more sports models with the collar lock made by zipper, a detail that can give a different visual footprint.

Tip: as this is a piece from sports, but it was absorbed into the urban apparel the zipper comes to reinforce the sporty character of the piece.Still worth traditional combinations with shorts and jeans, however something more daring with blazer or even a custom used to casually (can be with tennis). Increase with some bracelets and an analog clock with modern look.

Here is an example:

Lacoste blue polo shirt zipper – Buy here!

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7–Raglan T-Shirt

Impossible to look to a raglan t-shirt and don’t remember the American baseball teams automatically. This type of play remains strong there are 2 or 3 seasons and it seems it will continue successfully for more time, especially for being versatile and well laid back.

Tip: With jeans or chinos (pants or Bermuda), the raglan shirt keeps the visual sports always without looking like you came straight from the stadium, just be careful with items such as caps, running shoes and glasses mask style, these ruin the joke, look descaracterizando you want to continue. ; )

See two examples:

The left Raglan Shirt Grey Puma––Buy here!

The right Raglan T-shirt with Pocket-Reef-Buy here!

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Golden Rules!

Sports-influenced parts need much balance and common sense in time of use, so avoid mixing many in the same look or choose the ones that bring colors very loaded or flashy prints. It is also important to take care of the trim, just because the visual has to look a little more relax your clothes don’t need to be loose.