7 Lingeries That You Need to Have!

Do you like to buy lingerie? I have real fixation, I swear! And it was my grandmother’s fault … It was that she said that, regardless of where we were (and she lived on the farm …), “underwear” had to be new and adequate, because something is going on, the panties appear and There’s a little hole or a speck there, have you?

I was traumatized, which is great for investigative consumerism, because I always have to buy new things there … Trauma well, right?

Well, yesterday I was cleaning the drawers and I was thinking about the most essential pieces, the ones that everyone needs to have, and then I decided to make a post. Look at my 7 essential pieces:

  1. Seamless panties, Hope2. Classic panties, Liz 3. Double waist panties, Hope 4. Hope  bra 5. Monoblock bra, Hope 6.Body Hope, Body Plié and Body Un.i  7. Gisele Bündchen Intimates sets
  2. Seamlesspanties: lace / tulle panties are the most beautiful thing in life, but do not work with various types of clothing, such as gym clothes and lightweight clothing. For these cases nothing better than the seamless panties, which do not mark, do not tighten, are comfortable and practically “fade” underneath the clothing. Best impossible!
  3. Skin color pantyhose:that’s what the “contraceptive cloth” (who invented it, huh?) Is an essential piece in the closet, because nothing works better not to “mark” in white or more transparent clothes.
  4. Modeling panties:almost everyone uses them, including the famous ones, and it’s all good to hide that damn fat that came from I do not know where.
  5. Functional bra:I already made a post here with the 5 essential bras (here ), and if you do not want / can invest at all, bet on that! It has different “fittings” and can be used with several types of neckline. A wild card!
  6. Magic Bra:The magic bra is one that fits so perfectly to your body that it seems to have been tailor-made.It lifts the breasts, does not pinch, does not pinch, does not bother, is comfortable, the trim is perfect and has great quality.

Not sure how to choose? There are two posts here for you:

  1. The right bra makes all the difference
  2. 8 tips to choose the perfect bra
  3. Body modeler:ahhh, you can not live without it! The body “transforms” the body, giving that good illusion that everything is in place and, depending on the model, also gives a disguise of the good in cellulite. I already made a post here about them, worth the reading ( post here ).
  4. The “frill” set:not only of basic parts of a lingerie drawer, right? According to therightbras, it has to have an incredible set of tulle, lace, silk or satin, the color you like the most, for nights, say, less behaved.