6 Tips to Brighten Your Office the Perfect Way

Did you know that lighting your office can contribute to your productivity?This space where we spend much of the day should be both efficient and warm.And a decoration with comfortable and functional furniture is not enough: the lighting project is fundamental for you to enjoy in the best possible way this environment that has already turned, practically, your second home.

There are many details that deserve attention when it comes to lighting the office.Working in low light is uncomfortable, but working with lots of light can be extremely stressful.Therefore, the design of lighting should be thought for each environment, with the focal points and the amount of light ideas for the activity developed there.

Check out the tips we’ve set for your office to have the perfect lighting!

1. Choose the right color temperature

There are market lamps of two kinds of color temperature .The warmer ones, which have an orange tone, give a greater sense of coziness to the environment.They can be used in a corner where guests are received, at the reception or in the spaces for relaxation.

Cooler, blue-toned lamps are used in spaces that need more lighting, such as in the kitchen and where you perform your professional activity.

2. Define office focal points

After choosing the ideal color temperature for each environment, the lighting design should take into account the focal points that exist within the office.It is important to consider the position of the furniture, the employees and the work that is developed in space.

Computers, files and drawers, for example, should be well lit.

3. Beware of reflections and shadows

When analyzing the focal points, care must be taken to ensure that the lighting directed to the work table does not obscure the computer screen.

The lighting design also has to consider the shadow points.If a person who performs his tasks with his right hand has a focus of light also coming from this direction, a shadow will be created that will possibly hinder his productivity.

A good alternative in such cases is to use table lamps.Give preference to those that can be adjusted, both in height and in the direction of focus of light.

4. Alie economy and comfort

Always prefer LED bulbs, which are the most cost-effective on the market.In addition to being more durable and efficient than traditional ones, LED bulbs are much more economical.This quality is essential for an office environment, where the lights are on for hours!

LED bulbs are also much more comfortable.They do not heat and therefore do not interfere with the ambient temperature.So you will not need the air conditioning on all the time.

5. Use light as a decorative element

A beautiful, cozy office also improves productivity.Therefore, consider, in addition to functional lighting, decorative lighting.Illuminate picture and decorative objects, for example.

6. Enjoy the natural light

As we have seen, lighting design is key to the office, but never dispense with the pleasant sensation of natural light.

Plan the layout of the furniture also taking into account the entrance of light and air through the windows and doors.And enjoy!

Now that you already know how to light the office the perfect way, how about knowing the type of LED lighting ideal for every home environment?