5 Types Of Bags That Every Woman Should Have

We love handbags! We can not deny that it is one of our weaknesses. Will it be written in the genetic code of women? Some of us can buy more, some less. The truth is that for us, the quantity is never enough. What is unforgivable is not having these five types of bags in your closet.

1.- Backpack

Like when you went to school, but this time with much more style. The backpack is perfect for those weekends that occupy many hours away from home and you can show off a look casual, relaxed and urban. You’ll look chic and modern, you can find it with leather finish, artificial leather or printed canvas in different colors. The best fits all! And you will not have a bad posture in the back because the two handles allow you to spread the weight evenly.

2.- Day Bag

There are many types of bags in this section. Although, here aviationopedia refers to the daily use bag that you take to places like the office. Usually have space for the essential and combine well with a casual and formal style. Try to choose dark colors so that it is easy to combine them with your daily clothes and do not worry if you repeat it every day , all women do it!

3.- Cross Pocket

We need it because sometimes we want to dress in a practical and somewhat more informal. TheCrusaders bags , allow us to bring a free hand to develop ourselves comfortably and quickly. We can find them large, medium and small. To avoid loading too much weight, we recommend a small one where you can only fit the essential like the favorite makeup, wallet, mobile and something more. If you organize well, it fits everything!

4.- Hand Bag

If you are looking elegant, with a handbag you will achieve this result. It is a wallet to take it by the hand or hanging by the arm in a position that will only give you an absolute elegance. You will have to combine it with a more elegant look , but do not confuse it with the formality that are two different things.

5.- Over Night Or Clutch

No woman wants to clash your look wearing the bag Evening wrong, so in your closet needs to be one kind of or clutch. This wallet is the ideal ally for an event or an evening party. Hardly the essentials, but we do not care, it will make us look elegant and modern. Do not make the mistake of trying to put everything you need, it will only serve for your mobile, credit card, a lipstick and keys.

Run to your closet and check if you have the 5 types of bags that we propose. If the answer is no, you know what you have to do.

And you, would you add a sixth bag to this list of “essential”?