5 Tips to Wear Men’s Jeans Jacket

Denim is always up, no matter what season of the year.And the denim jacket is that versatile piece that matches everything and still gives that final touch to the look.The denim jacket also gives that relaxed in style, can be combined for both more classic looks and more stripped looks.

With that in mind, we decided to leave here 5 ways to wear men’s jeans without missing the look.Let’s check it out?

5 Look Tips With Men’s Jeans Jacket

1 – Casual look with denim jacket

In this look we will use a lot of the power of the accessories, they are excellent to increase the look, see:

Tip of Use: Choose a black skinny jeans, a black and white striped sweater or sweater and a denim jacket with a darker wash.On the feet, opt for a black sapatane.Finish with a graphite scarf and a gray wool cap.

2 – Look stripped with denim jacket

Here we will work more the style largadão, if you like more comfortable looks and style, this is for you!

Tip of use: In this look you will need: Straight jeans with a looser modeling and shabby wash, a military green T-shirt, a light wash jeans jacket and a black cowhide.Bet on a plaid shirt tied around the waist to add a touch to the look.

3 – Casual look with candy jeans

The caramel jeans always appear in the fashion universe, you see?And in this colder time of the year, she will also make a strong presence, so you can bet without fear.

Tip of Use: Combine a caramel jeans with a white shirt and a black undershirt.You can leave the shirt closed and the jacket open or close both.On your feet, bet on a black shoe or social shoe.

4 – Look fashion with jeans jacket

In this look you can vary the pieces well to create a look as you wish.You can also use on any occasion, see how to mount:

Tip of Use: Choose a straight jeans with the black folded bar and match with a longer white shirt.Choose a jeans jacket with a very clear wash and detailed, can be patched, embroidered or destroyed to look great.

On the feet, you can wear an Oxford or a sapatênis in black color or if your jacket is well colored caramel.

5 – Classic look with jeans jacket

Who said that the denim jacket does not fit with more classic looks?The formal and informal always go together, but it is always worth using common sense, look:

Tip of Use: Choose a navy twill pants, a social shirt in white, a red and navy blue tie, and a navy blue vest.Finish the look with a basic denim jacket with dark wash and sapphire or Oxford in black.

Options are what we do not miss when we talk about jeans jacket.You can go anywhere with her and still be very well dressed.So always have several models of jeans to wear and abuse the style.

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