5 Tips to Not Feel Cold in Your Sleeping Bag

The “comfort” temperature indicated in the quilts of Quechua sleeping bags are defined thanks to European standardized tests. However, sensitivity to cold varies greatly between individuals and the climatic conditions.Discover here our 5 tips to feel colder in your duvet and be at the peak of your way to explore the mountain!

1/choose the proper size of sleeping bag as the comfort temperature adapted to your use. In fact, if your bag is too big, the cold air will create in your interior, cause a sensation of cold. In contrast, if your sleeping bag is too small, you run the risk of not being covered enough or be too tight on the inside and will feel cold. And the heat of the bag is not adapted to the environment in which you’re going to use it, you run the risk of being cold.

2/Adjust correctly the hoodie and the opening and at the top of your bag. In fact, a large part of the heat loss happens by head (around 30%). So it is important to tighten the laces of the hood of the sleeping bag to leave only your face out according to sleepingbagsexpo.

3/Use a mattress. This will allow you to isolate themselves from the land on which you camp that is often cold and damp.

4/cover up but not too much! Underwear in wool, fleeces or pullovers, are ideal because they are thin, near the body and evacuate well the body moisture.

5/invest in a sheet for sleeping bag of silk you will not regret it! He will give you varying degrees of heat and your great tenderness will be much appreciated after a day of walking!

Good camping!