5 Tips on How to Wear High Heels

Hello guys!!

High heels make the difference in any look and we just love a jump, right? But just thinking about staying hours balancing on a jump, you can already feel the foot complaining .

For those who suffer when the idea is to gain a few inches of height , or even for young women who want to use high heels for the first time , follows very valuable tips on how to walk in high heels, which may even surprise even the most experienced!

1- Stretch-When we are going to exercise, we lengthen and warm our body before, right? The same goes for your feet! One of the biggest causes of discomfort in jumping and pains in the feet and calves the next day is exactly why your muscles and tendons are not prepared to live in the heights, so help them with a stretch. It only takes 5 minutes and makes you stay for hours on the jump without tiring according to CLOTHINGEXPRESS.

2- Try-Another thing that is inimical to comfort is to buy jumps without trying. Many times we want to buy on the internet or we try and we end up even without being exactly our size because we like the model a lot or because it is on sale, but it is not worth it. What good is paying little on a shoe if you’re almost not going to wear it? Invest in a model only after you make sure it’s made for your feet.

3- Plan-We often choose a suit in a hurry when you wake up, or maybe with before bed, but do we give due attention to the time when choosing the shoes? Think about how your day will be, how much time you will be walking, and try to consider the type of floor you will be on your way to. It is not recommended that you wear uncomfortable heels in the day of hitting your leg on the street for a long time, but that does not mean that you need to wear sneakers every day.

4- Protect-One thing that saves when using jump is the insoles! Many shoes have a hard sole and this makes walking uncomfortable quickly, so the tip is to buy gel insoles, suitable for use in the shoe’s footrest. They are not expensive and make the walk much more comfortable, the shoe really gets soft! Not to mention that they are also a great solution for that shoe that is a bit wide on your foot, because they are a little thick and occupy a space inside the shoes.

5- Massage-After spending all day on the jump, all you want to do is get home and take off your shoes? Calm down then! Just as it is necessary to warm your feet to put on high shoes, the best option is to massage them before stepping on the floor normally. Try rolling a tennis ball with the help of your feet just after you take off your shoes, before walking out there. Your foot will be relaxed and you will not feel sore the next day… it will be ready for another!

Pitaco:  Buy your high shoe at the end of the day , when your feet will be more swollen and you can see how you will actually feel inside your shoes.

* Remembered that wearing high heels too often can harm the health of your feet, knees and spine. The ideal size and recommended for a woman to wear high heels is on average 12 cm.

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