5 Makeup Tips: You Should Pay Attention to Buying Time

Who loves make-up knows that it starts with the good look when shopping. We reveal with the help of five helpful hints, which you should pay attention to when buying your beauty products.

We will give you five make-up tips, which lead to a charming make-up look!

1.) Do you know your type of skin?

Everyone has a different skin:the one fat something more, while others have to constantly cream.Choose a product that definitely fits your skin type.Let yourself be advised by specialists.

2.) The primer is everything!

But the regular complexion does not begin with the makeup, but with the skin care. Apply a wash gel (Clinique, circa 22 euros) and a matching face cream too. It is equally important to ensure that the skin is beautifully flat before applying the make-up. For example, there is a pore opener of benefit (circa 32 Euro), which cares for the skin and ensures that the pores do not clog before applying the primer.

3.) The more natural, the better

When making make-up, try to make sure they use mineral products. These minimize the risk of allergic reactions to your makeup and are gentle to your skin at the same time. Mineral products are for example from Isadora or Artdeco (Circa 19 euros).

4.) “No!” To alcohol

Avoid products that contain alcohols.This also includes citrus, menthol or peppermint.These ingredients only prepare dry skin and relieve mild irritation.

5.) Make it yourself

Products like lip balm are also quite easy to make. Make yourself at home on the Internet and create your own lip care. The same also applies to powder or lip gloss. ( FB )