5 Bad Beauty Habits to Break

Most women want to always look perfect and flawless, but sometimes among the thousands of things we have to do we lack precisely the time! Here are a few beauty secrets that every woman has used at least once in your life but never confess ( even under torture !!!) …

Beauty Habits

1. Shave at strategic points

Last you decided to wear that dress that reaches to the knee but have no time to depilarti the entire leg … just shave right where you need it! Eye does not see the heart does not grieve! But attentive to the gusts of wind …


2. Put the glaze tactically

You’re about to leave the house, but you realize that the dress you wore would be better off with that pair of open toe shoes that look at you from the shoe … quickly put the enamel only on “sight” nails and hope for no reason the world will never have to stand barefoot in the evening!

3. Wash only the fringe

The fringe is a bore, I also I had it for a while ‘time and soiled at the speed of light! It looks bad, but if you do not have time to do the shampoo, you just wash the fringe to bring up the hair immediately cleaner and tidy.

4.Touch up a manicure with a coat of enamel

Of course, we should remove all the polish and reapply it again, but sometimes the thought of losing all that time makes us never want … so we opt for a quick touch and go!

5. The shroud on the pillow

Come home late after a night, go to bed still rigged and the next morning to find our beautiful face printed on the pillow case … a classic !