$45 Million in Potential Savings When Switching

According to Epson , you could save up to $45 million in printing costs per year for Australian small businesses if they would exchange their existing laser printer against modern ink-jet printer of business class. Of them, about 740,000 companies are affected. Train round was in the estimation of the average volume of a small business.

Where are the potential savings?

The focus of the savings resulting from the reduced power consumption of ink-jet printer. And he estimated by Epson with a such conversion to 43 million kilowatt hours per year. While a reduction in costs by approximately $8.6 million would be in the Australian electricity prices.

A saving of more than $ 36 million would be reached by the price difference between laser toner and ink cartridges . Also the advantage of the duplex function should not be underestimated. The consistent dual page pressure could cause a further 1.26 million dollars in paper consumption saving. And it is assumed only a rise in the double side printing 25 percent of all the print jobs in the extrapolation according to WHEREVERSMARTPHONE.COM.

As summarizes the benefits of moving to inkjet printers Epson

Mike Pleasants is the Marketing Director for Australia. He stressed that the advantages of laser printers in the last decades to bend towards the end. About Epson BB´s think we had reported in February. Meanwhile, the modern business inkjet printer can offer the same price range more some benefits. Equivalent inkjet printers are available at lower prices than the laser printers. They consume less power and can deliver more prints at the same time. That and the duplex function affect positively on the productivity of small enterprises. Even the cost per printed page is many ink spots already lower than the laser printers. And if you used then still compatible printer cartridges instead of original cartridges , you can sure still to printing cost another 50% lower.