4 Payment Games For Android, Free For A Limited Time

The offers come one more day to our favorite app store, this time, accompanied by 4 perfect games to brighten up our free time. Yesterday, one of the best video players for Android was reduced to only 10 cents, and today, there are 4 games that can be downloaded totally free for a limited time.

Whether you’re a car racing fan, a battler, or just like to end zombies with whatever weapon you imagine, among today’s offers you’ll find a game that’s just right for you. Next, we’ll leave you with today’s 4 discounted apps, along with your download link on the Google Play Store.

Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager is a racing game unlike any other, according to Areacodesexplorer.com. This is a simulator in which we must manage our own competition team hiring pilots, designing the car to our liking and investing the money earned in new technology to help us reach the top.

Its original price is 2.29 euros, but for a limited time you can download it for free.

The renewal of the popular Block Tank Wars came to Android as a completely redesigned game, witheven more epic battles and notably improved graphics. In Block Tank Wars 2 we will have to improve our tank in order to successfully complete the more than 72 different missions of the game.

The original price of Block Tank Wars 2 is 0.59 euros, but only for a few days, it will be possible to download it totally free.

Zombie City Defense

Block Tank Wars 2

We are in the year 2053. An unknown bio-bio from a secret laboratory has turned 86% of the world’s population into unnatural monsters. Only a secret military group, the Iron Soldiers, can end this global threat. Join them in their struggle for the survival of humanity. You do not need any more reason to try the game.

Well, one more: its original price was 2.19 euros, and only now you can download it for free.

Rogue Saga

With graphics that inevitably remind us of the popular Minecraft sandbox, Rogue Saga puts us in the shoes of an explorer in charge of surviving in strange caves, where even more strange threats are waiting for us. But not only that, we will also have to remain vigilant to create our own weapons and tools, as well as keep us safe and find food so we do not starve.

For a limited time, we can save the 1.99 euros that normally costs the game, and download it for free.

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