3 Ways to Wear Jeans with Jeans

When Edison brought me this question, I confess that I thought this would be a complicated subject. First because jeans jeans is always something that generates a certain amount of controversy-the excess of material can be loaded and also too informal. Second because I don’t particularly like the proposal.

But, as I love a challenge, and as the most important part of my job is to  find what works for each other, regardless of my personal taste, I bumped into thinking fondly about it according to LEGALARMIST.COM.

I concluded that the more harmonious ways to mix the material, who also doesn’t like the exaggeration, are:


When we use two elements that are(or may be), the easiest way is to think in the proportions. So, instead of making Justin Britney and throw in material from head to toe, work wear on parts of different sizes. That is, use a and Nightshirt in a shorts will be more peaceful than a pants and a Nightshirt or coat.

The whole thing doesn’t get too”this” and leave you like you went back in time, another thing that works is to compensate the weights. So, if you use a denim pants more hulking, can put a blouse of jeans slim(or even a chambray with washing that remember the material).

Another way to make that tradeoff, especially when the two parts cover the same amount of skin is overlapping. Worth playing a blazer, a vest, a shirt or anything else that let one of the pieces in turn jeans just a detail and the look seem more dynamic.