3 Trends in The Halls

The São Paulo Fashion Week is a fashion lesson not just by what we see on the catwalks. Even for that, not all designers propose fall in like people right off the bat. The midi skirt is proof of that. Four seasons they appeared in several fashion shows, but only now do we see that the fashionistas adhered to this length.

Thus, the corridors of a fashion week, even more as the SPFW, are a bellwether of trends that they already have. So, despite the rush between the shows and backstage visits, we were mindful of looking around, watching what people are wearing.

From there we took three bets you can bet now for winter. If inhale!


In the gringa, the parka (that piece moves between a jacket and a shirt with pockets) is already a must have. The piece reinforces the military vibe, which is super high. The olive green, characteristic of this style, it is a color that reigned among the looks during the event this season. The cool thing is to make different combinations to get away from the obvious. After all, nobody wants to look like a member of the army, right? Bet on parts in animal print, intense shades (Orange and green) and the stripes.


The watchword is comfort! With the high platforms, arriving with thick heels and half a foot, or with your feet on the ground. This last option has been increasingly chosen by girls tuned. Remember that we had that until last season? And the sports-style doesn’t have to be a feature of all production. You can compose a look girlie with midi skirt and still bet on tennis to close. Note that all records below! Finish with a jacket tied around his waist on a delicate dress. You get a modern look in the Act!


Since the length of the skirts increased, who said the rest would follow? Bermuda, before used in the knees, is now stretched! The new shape will until the middle of the cinnamon and, although not a unanimity among the gang that sauntered by the SPFW, already give indications that soon will be a hit. Note that in the clicks were made following the same idea, with cropped top and mix of r & B. The high-waisted shorts and fluffy trim gets a Blithe air when used with the top and high heels. See how the silhouette doesn’t get flattened.

What’s Your Favorite Trend? Put Into Practice Now!