3 Intimate Fashion Bloggers That You Need to Know

In recent years, the space intimate fashion won in the spotlight, the attention and the desire of many women, was very great. More than that, the sets close went on to be viewed with less taboo and more enthusiasm and freedom. After all, there are many possibilities in this area, and between you and me, there’s no piece of clothing that leave a woman feeling more powerful and sexy than a beautiful lingerie.

Today, the lingerie goes with everything. There are models of parts like bras and corsets, which leave gobsmacked lovers of fashion, attracting more and more anonymous women and celebrities to this new way of looking at fashion.

That same growth rhythm, some intimate fashion bloggers female, contributing with all the glamour of this world fashion. Today, the fashion blogs are great sources of content and information.

Then, to join business with pleasure, we have prepared for you a selection of 3intimate fashion bloggers you should be aware of. Come on? Continue reading

Ju Verly, All Lingerie

The blog , one of the largest in Brazil in this regard, have enough and get tips to match lingerie with accessories, fashion trends for this thread and all I can help you to settle in a “lingerie shower”. The author is the Ju, 36-year-old Verly and describes himself as a lover of this entire universe of sets. The intimate fashion bloggersmade enough in the design of the blog, which according to the author, is targeted at an audience of “normal” women, who do not have a perfect body, unlike the magérrimas models we see in typical lingerie ads.

The Team Of Bloggers To Fashion Underwear Lingerie Blog

This blog is the effort of a team of girls in love with fashion: Rebecca Bandyopadhyay, Juliana Chaves, Izabela Biscaro, Tatiana Michels, Lilian Ferreira and Fabiana Makdissi. The blog is very complete and brings all about the fashion world, since the combinations, trends and articles about this universe, in addition to offering content beauty, health and fashion related varieties in General, along with tips for entrepreneurs and music playlists and interesting pictures. All this is offered in a very beautiful and with a very intuitive layout.

Paula Posser, Architect Of Love

The Architect of love covers various subjects, especially content that share tips and trends on lingerie, architecture, design and good experiences, within a concept baptized by the author of “Seduction for you and your home. The blog was created in 2008, and Paula also has a trademark brand of accessories and lingerie. Worth the visit to the site.

Abuse Of Lingerie Is The New Trend

To visit all of these sites intimate fashion bloggers female , one thing is very clear: the world of lingerie is fascinating and promises to grow enough. New trends that are coming, give to a lingerie accessory status for use in quailquer occasion, adding more elegance, sensuality and power for your look. After all, the time has passed when the lingerie was viewed with suspicion, with that old thought that after the wedding to gray should prevail forever. Lingerie is life, it’s seduction, is self-esteem.Abuse and use of the best fashion underwear!

Some of these bloggers of intimate fashion is one of your favorite online universe?Leave your comment in the post.