3 Inspiring Hairstyles to Do Alone

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hello girls, me and Camila Shah we decided to bring you some basic styling options that can be used from a casual look until a formal look. Depending on the occasion, you can still increase your hairstyle with the hair items you prefer. The important thing is not to give a modern look and practical!

The first option is the Greek braid, Camila who did!! Got show huh? But even better is the ease in doing.

-Step by step

Separate a small section of hair from each side of the head, starting at the top. Join the two slivers and attach with a rubber band; then pass the tip of the tied up once or twice on the inside of the circle, it will let the twisted wires. Depending on the size of your hair, follow making new moorings and turns, up to the length you desire.

Girls look how beautiful this second haircut, plus sophisticated is very easy to do. Is indicated for girls who don’t like to wear your hair and prefer that he be released, not to be suffering in this heat you’re doing in Brazil. It’s a great option, because the hair gets loose behind.

-Step by step

Comb all the hair back and tie, as if it were a low ponytail. Make a hole with your fingers, exactly in the middle of the head, just above the rubber band; then insert the rest of the hair through the hole once or twice, to give this effect.

And finally the braid of the root, not by chance, because it requires a little more practice, but without despair girls, nothing that an effort no reward. The braid of root can be used both for a casual event, as formal. I suggest to you that when you’re doing the braid, let the kind of loose, so that the movement of the hair is more valued.

-Step by step

Divide a strand bias in three, starting the braid. Feed the central lock with the loose threads, pulling the hair underneath. Trance in opposite direction to the initial position. To get to the back of the head, position your hands in front of body and finalize a common braid. Finally, attach with elastic. If your hair is blond, use transparent elastic; If it is dark, with black elastic.

Liked the inspirations? Have done some of these hairstyles alone? I’m waiting for the comment! Kisses and see you soon