16 Tips to Disguise Your Tummy

Those who like to go around displaying a protruding belly? Probably no one, isn’t it? And while it is essential to practice physical exercises and follow a proper nutrition to lose the troublesome tummy, you can’t deny that this process can take time to be realized.

To achieve the goal, situations may arise where you need to disguise the size of the belly. What to do then? Join the crazy diets and methods for losing tummy? No way, as this can damage your health.

Better than that is check out these tips on how to disguise the belly that we list below.

1. Avoid wide clothes

Contrary to what one might imagine, they do not hide the belly. In fact, excessively baggy or loose-fitting garments use, is at the top, is at the bottom, give the impression that the belly is bigger than it really is.

The solution here is to choose clothes that glide over the body, without getting too tight. For example, instead of opting for a jacket that is larger, use a model that fits better to the body.

2. Avoid shirts with striped waist

They should be avoided because they attract the look and attention to the region of the stomach, just everything you don’t want to, since demand and disguise the belly, and not point out the area.

3. Do not place the shirt into the pants or skirt

Our third tip on how to disguise the belly also refers to the clothing. Unless you have a pear-shaped body, a small waist and a flat belly, put your shirt on the inside of the pants will accentuate your belly.

4. Wear dresses or blouses draping or ruffles

Dresses or sweaters draped disguise the extra pounds are located in the region of the stomach and give the impression of weight loss. Blouses and dresses pursed, since the fabric is gathered and sewn down, also work well for those seeking how to disguise your tummy.

5. Combine tunics with pants leggings

Use a long tunic style shirt and jiggles that covers the butt combined with a pair of leggings and boots or shoes is also a good tactic how to disguise your tummy.

6. Use average waist pants

There was a time when the low waist trousers were the fashion. But thank God that time left because the style does not help those who want to hide the belly, as these pants tighten the body, leaving the most protruding belly.

For those who want to disguise your tummy, the ideal is to bet on the average waist pants that conceal best the region and do not cause the overhang effect.

7. Adopt a monochromatic visual

One of the useful tips that we found is to choose a single color tone for all garments – from head to toe-and complete the look with a light jacket or sweater that will bring a little more color to the look.

However, avoid the pants and skirts that have bright colors because they will drive the attention of look in your belly. On the other hand, the darker clothes help to disguise.

8. Choose the appropriate prints

Case resolved using prints, select the vertical, which give the impression that your legs are longer and take the focus of visual attention, belly and pass away from prints horizontally.

9. Escape to cheek tissue

You know those clothes with fabrics that look good China for the body when people dress up? So, it is these you must flee! This is because this type of fabric highlights and accentuates the belly region.

A better choice to keep this from happening are cotton fabrics, synthetics and clothes made of linen.

10. Avoid smaller-sized clothes

Our first tip was to you do not use very large clothes. The 10th tip on how to disguise your tummy is for you not to go to the other extreme and also do not use smaller-sized clothes that are too tight in the body and will emphasize the belly.

11. Wear jackets and sweaters of long length

Jackets and blouses that have a longer length, right down to below the waist, help to hide and camouflage the tummy. Another recommendation in relation to the jacket is to not close or button it.

12. Get the attention of the belly

We’ve talked a few times here in getting attention from the belly and transfer it to another region. A good suggestion in this regard is to direct the attention of who watches you to the face and upper body.

Some tricks to ensure that happen are: use collars, blouses with collar boat, put scarves around their necks, v-necks and use choose clothes with fabrics full of details for the upper part of the body.

13. Have clothes with elastic waist

A tip of the plus size model Danica Lo how to disguise your tummy is joining the pants and skirts with elastic waist large, approximately 7.5 cm. Beyond controlled the belly, the accessory makes the region the buttocks seem shorter.

14. Avoid pants and pleated skirts

Danica It also recommends not using pants and pleated skirts because they add volume to the region of the stomach. On the other hand, the model excludes the trousers with creases of this restriction by reason that they bring a vertical effect that leaves look thinner in visual.

15. Eat foods diuretics

One of the reasons for having a protruding belly can be fluid retention by the body, which causes the swelling. A way to combat the problem is to include diuretic foodsthat stimulate the Elimination of excess fluid retained by the body through the urine, in the diet.

In the list enter: pineapple, watermelon, celery, watercress, parsley, leeks, spinach, asparagus, cucumber, beets, peppers, tomato, onion, garlic, Apple, Orange, passion fruit, melon, strawberry, kiwi, lemon, among others.

Just be careful not to overdo it in foods, eliminate a lot of water and getting dehydrated. It is important not to forget to drink water. Other important advice is to seek medical help to realize that your body is bloated with much ease. This can be a symptom of some health problem that should be treated.

16. Take care of laying

A more sloppy, with the shoulders down and back off the straight position, resulting in the appearance of a larger belly. To disguise the size of the belly, the ideal is to join the upright posture, with the chest forward and belly behind.