15 Incredible For A Bachelorette Party Ideas

Do you know any girl who does not want to have an unforgettable bachelorette party? We do not. And is that this event–probably our last big party before becoming in “ladies of…”-needs to throw the House out the window for a truly memorable experience. Right Yes?

As classic bachelor parties with strippers and bananas covered with chocolate already have something boring, we collect 15 ideas for one bachelorette party very funny and original. Don’t forget to share this article with the organizers of your party!

1 Day Spa

What bride doesn’t need to indulge in the days leading up to your wedding? A home spa is the best way to do it. The ideal is that hire professionals who can make them manicure and pedicure, facial masks and even massages. Place a bar with coloured nail varnishes and gift to your ladies a kit with bath salts.

2. Theme Party

The stag and hen themed parties are the mostin of the moment. You can opt for a Parisian brunch, a party in the style of the 20’s, a glamorous food inspired by Coco Chanel or a very tropical Hawaiian luau… the variety of topics is endless! Of course, do not forget to throw you a nailing on Pinterest to get ideas.

3 Anonymous Gifts

This game is very fun and also something emotional. The idea is that each person bring a gift wrapped without a name. Each envelope must have a card with a brief description of something that lived together: for example,”I knew since childhood, we played to Cook, we travel together…”. The bride must guess who is the gift before you open it.

4 Kind Of Pole Dance

A super fun option is receive a kind of pole dance with your friends. Some schools, like Pole Dance School, offer this service: lead pipes, hats, canes and scarves to the bounce and teach some steps and turns sexy. You can also hire a wheelchair dance class. Will they laugh like never before, will exercise and learn a new technique of seduction: three birds with one stone!

5. Specific Gifts

Ask your guests to bring a single class of gifts: can be sexy lingerie, pyjamas, bottles of wine,cookbooks, lipsticks… It tries to be fancy things, i.e. things that you would not buy. Already come useful gifts.

6 Bar Of Mimosas

Leave the shots of tequila for another occasion and best opts to place a bar of mimosas of flavors. You will need (better if they are Mason Jars) glass tumblers, vivid colors, jars of juice flavor straws (can be grapefruit, Blueberry and strawberry), chopped fresh fruit and, of course, bottles of champagne. Decorate your bar with a nice tablecloth and floral arrangements. It will be a success! If you want an expert to do the work for you, we recommend María lemon.

7 In-Home Cooking Class

Cooking is one of the best ways to live together. So you go to the party and teach them to hire agood chef to prepare a full menu: can be a French menu, one Japanese, Italian… what you decide. At the end you can enjoy what you prepared and accompanied with a bottle of champagne. Sounds good, no?

8 Shots Of Gelatin With Liquor

Another alternative to the shots: Champagne gelatin cubes. They are relatively easy to do (see the recipe here), that are much more tasty. Add glitter to a touch very glam!

9. “Adults” Sleepover

It sounds like something serious, but of solemn there would be nothing. Invite your closest friends to sleep and ask them to wear Pajamas from the beginning. Do you remember when you were 15? Well, do what they did then: eat cupcakes, painted nails, watching movies, making a war of almohadazos, etc.

10. “Which Character Am I?”

Did you see the latest film of María-Antoinette? Then you surely remember the garden game.Each of the guests write the name of a famous character in a role. All the papers are placed face down on the table, who each take one and paste it on the forehead without seeing what is written.The joke is to guess the character that is in the front, and 20 questions can be made for that. For example: am man? I was born in the middle ages? Am I singing? Take a drink of liquor for every incorrect question. A classic to break the ice!

11 Game Questions

For this game, guests must ask the groom that fill out a questionnaire about their relationship(can record a video with the answers). More fun are the questions better. At the party, ask the bride to fill out the same questionnaire imagining what would be it. At the end to compare the responses of both, many surprises will be! Some examples: How do you meet? What is the most annoying habit of your partner? What is your favorite position?

12 Craft Beer Tasting

Put a bar with microbrews from all countries, colors and flavors (you’d be surprised of the enormous variety that exists!). If you want to make the experience even more rewarding, you hire an expert in beers he guided wine tasting. You can ask each of your guests to take a bottle.

13. “I Never, Never…”

This game never go out of style. All the guests sit in a circle; each one should throw a question to air beginning by “I never…” (for example, “I never have drunk me at a party”). Who if done so shall take a SWIG of his drink. They learn things that not even imagined!

14 Sandwich Bar

A more informal option is to place a table with ingredients for making sandwiches: bread of different types, cheese, cold meats, vegetables, sauces and how much thing gourmet you can think. More than one guest will thank you.

15 Tea Party

Perhaps you want something much more quiet and elegant. If so, you can organize a meeting of tea English style: get a ceramic tea set (us we love those of Royal Albert) and offers a wide variety of gourmet teas (visit the catalogue of the French Mansion Caravanserai, in the Mexican capital). Accompanied by scones (the La Lorena are the best!), macarons, quiches, cookies and other snacks. Don’t forget the heart-shaped sugar cubes!