14 Reasons to Convince You That Breastfeeding

Every mom has every right to choose how we will feed and nurture your child, either naturally or culling of formulas. Whether for fear of pain, jitters can’t breastfeed the baby or even for aesthetic reasons, some women prefer to give up breastfeeding and ensure the baby’s nutrition in other ways.

The team of our British sofeminine.co.uk brother, spoke with Freda Rosenfeld, lactation consultant certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE), who earned the nickname of the charming of breastfeeding by The New York Times, to discover the wonders of the natural breastfeeding according to TIMELESSTABLETS.

1. Mothers who breastfeed have a lower risk of having breast cancer

Freda says that there is a 4% decrease in risk of breast cancer in breastfeeding mothers. May be just a little bit, but reduce your odds of getting sick is always better, right? Even more with the help of your puppy!

2. Breast milk is top!

Breast milk is produced by the mother specifically for your little one. In the first days after birth mothers produce colostrum, or first milk, which is different from milk that will come later, as is supernutritivo and ensures protection of the baby against diseases.

“Colostrum is essential,” says Freda, “and still extremely healthy for your liver, gut and immune system. It’s just too good for the baby. This first milk helps to prepare your child for life outside the hospital! “, he adds.

3. Breastfeeding helps with postpartum recovery

After childbirth, swelling and other cositas, our private parts will have gone through several … And breastfeeding soon after the birth of the baby helps put everything in its proper place.

“Breastfeeding immediately after birth helps the uterus of the woman to go back to normal,” says Frieda. “The faster you start breast-feeding, the hormonal stimuli for the recovery of the uterus begin and so the woman bleed less and the organ back to normal more quickly”

4. Milk production to 1000

Don’t worry that the source will not dry. Since your baby just keep sucking and doing the sucking motion, your body will continue to produce milk. The World Health Organization (who) and the Ministry of health recommend breastfeeding until six months of age, but many other mothers prefer giving the chest for even longer. So relax, mom, your body takes care of the production of milk until the weaning of their small.

5. Your milk is the shield of your little

At birth, babies practically have no immune system. Where that famous cliché: antibodies in breast milk help you create to build the natural defense of your baby’s body faster.

Can be a typical cliché but the whole history of antibodies is not legend: “[breastfeeding] means, especially in the first six months, fewer ear infections and gastro-intestinal. Thanks to the wonderful antibodies present in breast milk, the baby gets stronger and he is less likely to get common diseases. “, reinforces Freda.

6. Breast-feeding = ❤

After the birth is normal that many mothers feel further away from your baby and sometimes rebuild this connection can be difficult for new moms. If you’re feeling away from your baby, there is no better way to be closer to the little one that breast-feeding? For some mothers that creates a stronger bond with the baby and still yields great fun toy time!

7. Breastfeeding releases all those hormones of happiness

We know WELL the power of hormones on our moods (hello, MPT!), and while breastfeeding, your body releases hormones more delicious.

“We know through studies that when babies breastfeed, the hormones ensure a good feeling for the minis too. Is a feeling of warmth and extra protection that the mother passes to the son. “says Freda.

8. Reduced risk of diabetes

Breastfeeding may decrease the risk of diabetes for both mother and baby. “every child a mother breastfeeds, the chances of getting diabetes decreases.” says Dr. Frieda. And as babies who were breastfed directly by the mother have lower likelihood of having diabetes in adulthood. Not bad!

9. Helps control the baby weight in the long term

“Babies who are breastfeeding gain weight at a slower pace and constant; that’s good for them to keep the signals of satiety in the long term, “explains Freda. “When amamentamos chest, let the baby decide how far will your hunger, and this allows it to develop and cock your signals of satiety, which is very important to avoid obesity in adult life.”

10. active Moms can also breastfeed

Active moms don’t have to relinquish all their commitments while breastfeeding phase. If you can’t be with your baby all the time to feed it, you can take your milk with an inhaler and for someone to give it to your baby in a bottle. The option to take the milk itself is great for moms who are returning to work after maternity leave and need (or want) still feed your baby with breast milk.

11. You do not need to prepare physically

There are 1000 things you must think and consider about your body, and routine habits during pregnancy and childbirth. All sections of ultrasound, Choose motherhood, thinking about decorating the nursery, holding up themorning sickness, prevent against toxoplasmosis in pregnancy… and the list goes on! It’s a lot, right, mom? But fortunately, you don’t have to heat the head with anything when you give the chest. Just settle in, relax, that everything happens naturally.

“Generally we do not recommend any fitness. In the years 70 and 80 until recomendávamos a preparation to the nipples, but is no longer needed. After the baby is born, in many cases, he learns how to make do with breastfeeding naturally. “, confirms the lactation expert.

12. You can take a course of prenatal breastfeeding

If you really want to prepare can learn the practice of breastfeeding before the birth and stay for until the baby is born.

Freda recommends that mothers do a course in motherhood or with some appropriate professional to stay more calm and prepared for the first feeds and don’t give up on giving the chest so early.

13. Helps you lose the baby weight

Who ever lived, certainly heard of drama to lose weight gained in pregnancy. And there are some moms who swear standing along that breastfeeding helps to toast those extra pounds gained during pregnancy. The breastfeeding process combined with good nutrition and an exercise routine and you will be the next hot mom on the block.

14. Before giving up, try for a few days

A lot of mamis decision by feeding with formula milk (breast milk artificial) and are doing just fine, thank you.
But still, Freda Rosenfeld recommends some breastfeeding attempts at birth or in the first days of the baby’s life.

“The first two days of breastfeeding are so amazing, both for the mother and the baby. For the small, Colostrum, the first milk. And mom is so anxious to hold the son she waited for so many months. There is no better way to create a stronger bond with the baby than via breastfeeding. ”

Unfortunately, some mothers are unable to provide breast milk for her son. If you are not producing milk, or your baby can’t get her breast, don’t feel you’re failing as a mother. The formulas are also nutritious and a great option, but if you want to provide breast milk to your baby, see the human milk bank .