100 Small Decorated Kitchens: Inspired by the Ideas

Bright colors, good lighting and furniture planned are some tips for decorating small kitchen. Check out!

Are you looking for small kitchens decorated? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read useful tips to check and see, still, inspirations for mount a perfect design for your home.

Decorating small kitchens is a difficult task, after all, the residents do not have much room to include furniture, appliances and utensils. To resolve this problem, you need to implement intelligent solutions.

Ideas for small kitchens decorated

The House and Party split a few ideas by small decorated kitchens. Check out:

1-Use light colors

The best way to decorate a small kitchen is using light colors and neutral. These tones favor the sensation of amplitude, i.e. make the Division appear larger.

2 – insert elements with bright colors

A white kitchen can seem monotonous, so it’s worth considering the possibility of working with elements of color. choose domestic utensils and other objects with bright colors to include in the environment.

3-adhesive Pads

Have you ever heard of adhesive pads? That they are so used in small kitchens decorated. Available in different colors, this finish can be applied on the walls, glass and even appliances.

The adhesive pads mimic the effect of glass in the kitchen, through a relief material and with polyurethane resin.


Do you want to reform the small kitchen? So know that you don’t need, necessarily, perform a break indoors. A way to change the look of the environment is through the application of adhesives.

In the market, you can find stickers that abuse of delicate drawings and even simulate household items.

5-strategic points of lighting

The small kitchen must rely on a clear and strong lighting, after all, light always widens spaces.

6-Ink slate

Chalkboard paint can be applied anywhere in the House, including the kitchen. This type of finish gives a cool air to the environment, beyond what ignites creativity. The surface that mimics Blackboard can be used to jot down notes and recipes.

7-Use glass

The translucent effect of the glass is perfect to optimize space in a compact kitchen. Therefore, use and abuse of this material through the utensils, furniture and decorative objects.

8-designed Furniture

A way to make the most of your kitchen space is using planned furniture. Install not only the Cabinet under the sink, but also the overhead cabinets. That way, you can take advantage of the walls to create storage areas of utensils and food.

Just be careful with the excess of planned furniture, after all, plenty of storage can leave the room with a stifling atmosphere.

9-hydraulic Tile

To leave the small kitchen cozier, it’s worth investing in a retro-styledecoration. In addition to using old furniture and appliances to other decades, you can also make use of hydraulic tile. This type of flooring, which became popular in the years 30 and 40, can customize strategic points of the walls using adhesives.


You cannot invest in the purchase of a closet? Then use shelving to expand the sense of space. Just be careful not to exaggerate the amount of exposed utensils as this may leave the kitchen a mess.

If possible, use the shelves just to expose some special item, such as a coffee Dolce Gusto or a mixer from KitchenAid.

11 – less is more

In a small kitchen, “less is more”, that is why it is so important to combat the excess and decorate with only the necessary items. Embrace minimalism through your project and be happy.

12-Install a hood

The small kitchen decor also requires the installation of appliances, such as the hood. This inhibits the odors unpleasant and facilitates air circulation in the room.

13 – distribution of furniture

The distribution of the furniture must offer, above all, ease in time to cook and perform cleanup tasks. It is also very important that the furniture don’t spoil the movement.

14-smaller Appliances

You can’t put a big refrigerator or a stove with six burners in a small kitchen. The ideal is that the appliances are smaller, with a length proportional to the environment.

Pictures of small decorated kitchens

Selected pictures of small decorated kitchens. Get inspired:

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