10 Ultimate Tips for the Summer Festival

Na did you have the calendar out and you noted all festival dates for this year? Not yet? Then it is time for some tickets it says quickly. For those who already her year with festivals and concerts scheduled have and of course for those who still do are: Here our 5 ultimate Pocket Tips for the Festival visit!

Tip 1: belt pouches

  • With the trendy hip bags, take her money, mobile phone and the ID directly to the man or the woman and are well protected against thieves. And Moreover, you have free hands for drinks!

Tip hippie 2: backpack

  • A backpack, especially one in hippie style, be missing on any Festival: it offers sufficient space for food, sunscreen, water and a cloth (E.g. for the hair, as a sunscreen or ceiling).

Tip 3: fringe bags

  • Must-have for this summer: fringe bags. For the Festival particularly handy in small format as the Carol Fringe metallic suede love child according to Preorderhandbags.com.

Tip 4: bags

  • For those who have always a little more and not the backpack types include. Bags with the typical tie rod Cap look super chic and offer enough space for the whole favorite pieces that you want to have there… like the refreshing sea water spray for stressed skin of Festival.

Tip 5: tote bag

  • The good old tote bag goes. It has many colors, with print or without and dance is also with him on the shoulder. Exactly the right bag for those who like it easily.

Of course not everything you can carry at once, that is clear. But for every style and taste, you will find a suitable Festival pocket companion. My favorite dinner was actually the dazzling Marigold shoulder bag by aunts & uncles, because it is so beautifully small and practically similar to like a Fanny Pack. For the day on the Festival site Companion is my the Sophia 20 L day Pack by Dakine faithful.

But you need not only the perfect pocket companion for the Festival. We want to give practical tips and helpful hints you on the hand, so you can really enjoy the summer festival and nothing tarnishes the good mood.

Our specially tested 5 super practical Festival Tips:

  • Tip 1: What not to remain in the car. Drag not too much on the festival grounds. Most of the way from the tent to the ground also not just is the shortest. Above all valuables are safely kept in the car.
  • Tip 2: Wear comfortable shoes. For the aforementioned reason: Between the tent and Festival site must be covered. Of course you want to hold as long as possible on the dance floor, without that feet glow one. Be sure Pack rubber boots for rainy weather.
  • Tip 3: Hot stuff for the night. Even in summer, it can be at night quite cool, pack that’s why best still a Cardigan or a large cloth, which universal can be used.
  • Tip 4: Own drinks in the car. Mostly, yes the festival tickets are already price-intensive and the drink prices locally are not exactly low. That’s why it’s always good to have a supply of drinks and snacks in the car.
  • Tip 5: Waterproof bag for change of clothes. Should there yet unexpectedly be showers, you have always dry change things. This prevents freezing in wet clothes and reduces the risk to get a nasty cold.

Well, I’ve put you in Festival mood? Then quickly secured the next tickets and full of joy the Festival travel bag with all important packed, so that it could go off at any time. Have fun and enjoy the summer! What festivals are for you?