10 Travel Books That You Have to Have in Your Backpack


Writer Derek Walcott has defined as no one the synergy between reading and traveling with his famous phrase “I read, I travel, I exist”.If Worldpackers helps you travel to over 90 countries around the world by swapping their hosting skills, it’s time to give you some tips on what to read along the way.The only “risk” is to let yourself be carried away by each of these books and extend your journey to each new chapter.There you go!

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1 – “On the road”, Jack Kerouac

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The book should come with a warning to those with compulsive drive to pack and leave.Taken as one of the most famous works on the subject, he recounts the adventures of Sal Paradise crossing, going, returning and naming by the USA and Mexico alone and with a group of particularly crazy friends according to BUSINESSCARRIERS.

To inspire: “I have the vision of a great revolution of backpacks, thousands or even millions of people wandering around with backpacks, climbing mountains to pray, making children laugh and making old people happy,” On the road.

2 – “A hundred days between heaven and sea”, Amyr Klink

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What if someone told you that a person could already cross the road from Africa to Brazil with a paddle boat?What if this person were a Brazilian?Well, one of our most famous adventurers, the watcher Amyr Klink, was the author of this feat narrated (rowing the row!) In this short but fascinating little book.

3 – “In the wild”, Jon Krakauer

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Any traveler who has sought inspiration to drop everything and fall on the road behind a greater purpose, most likely found it in the stories of Chris McCandless.What most people do not know is that the film of the same name actually came from this brilliant and much more complete account of Jon Krakauer.The book tells step by step the journey of Chris crossing the US, from college times to his option to abandon family, possessions matters and his quest for a more essential truth.

To inspire: “It is in the experiences, in the memories, in the great and triumphant joy of living in the fullest fullness that the true sense is found,” In the wild nature.

4 – “I travel soon I exist – 1 year on the road”, Leonardo and Rachel Spencer

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The Spencer couple show literally – with amazing pictures – that it is possible to travel the world by car.In this first edition, they narrate and illustrate the best moments of the first 50 thousand kilometers of travel, passing through countries like Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

5 – “Motorcycle for South America”, Ernesto Che Guevara

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Apart from politics, the richness with which the author describes his motorcycle trajectory, alongside his best friend, by the confines – witnessing both the beauties and the adversities – of an unknown and unexplored South America is undeniable.

To inspire: “I’m not me anymore, at least I’m not the same as I was before.This wandering aimlessly along the paths of our Big America transformed me more than I realized. “Motorcycle Diaries.

6 – “The Art of Traveling”, Alain de Botton

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Barbados, Amsterdam, Madrid, Sinai desert.These are some of the places the author takes us to know by telling how each detail of each trip – both positive and negative – can transform our perception of the places we visit.Whether because of the eccentricity of airports or the charm of roadside gas stations, every travel experience will transform you in some way.

To inspire: “But what is the state of mind of a traveler?It can be said that receptivity is its main characteristic.We approach new places with humility.We do not bring rigid ideas about what is interesting, “The Art of Traveling.

7 – “Free”, Cheryl Strayed

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A dramatic and intense account of the author’s 1,770-kilometer solitary walk.Facing all kinds of danger and wear and tear – physical, mental and emotional – it guides us on a path of self-knowledge, deprivation and, above all, redemption.Inspiration for all of us, especially for women who travel alone.

To inspire, “Despite all the things I’ve done wrong, just by having me get here, they become right,” Livre.

8 – “Worst Journey in the World”, Apsley Cherry-Garrard

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Traveling always involves good experiences, unforgettable adventures and reports of enthralling places, right? But when everything goes wrong, planning does not go as expected and even your life is at risk? This is the story of the Worst Journey in the World, which tells of the unsuccessful saga of Captain Robert Falcon Scott to Antarctica.

9 – “The voyage of Theo”, Catherine Clement

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Why are there so many religions in the world?Why did the search for spirituality become an essential part of the human being?Theo’s journey tells the boy’s journey with his aunt about the world’s major religions and the places where they are practiced.From Europe, through Asia, even to Brazil, the book shows the origins and beliefs of every great religious cult.

10 – “Young enough”, Felipe Sant’Ana Pereira

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Young enough tells the story of the 19 year old Brazilian Felipe Sant’Ana who has traveled around the world photographing and interviewing children from different countries.Want more inspiration than that?