10 Tips on How to Organize Your Backpack

The good organization of the backpack only brings advantages to the backpacker: less weight, easy to find items, clothes not kneaded, among others.So, the Wanderluster lists below 10 tips to set up your backpack.

  1. Crumpled clothing.After folding your clothes, wrap them to prevent them from getting wrinkled.For the more skillful, there’s the military style of rolling up the T-shirts:
  2. Lightweight backpack (1). Before storing clothes and other items in the backpack, put everything on the bed and reassess what you will use and whether you will actually use everything you have selected. If you have time, separate the items one week before your trip. This will prevent you from forgetting something and it will make you rethink in several clothes that can be eliminated from the backpack.
  3. Lightweight backpack (2). To make sure you are not overdoing it, it is worth weighing the backpack before boarding. Ideally, the backpack should be 20 percent or less in weight. At most you should be 30% of your weight. It is worth the rule that less is more: less clothes means more space to bring souvenirs according to Sizeablehandbags.com.
  4. Wash clothing.Even if you go stay longer, ideally take clothes for a week to ten days.If you do not want to (or do not know) wash clothes, schedule two-day strategy stops in a city.So you can send your laundry to a laundry.
  5. Discard valuables.Any item that is not needed and that, moreover, is valuable, should not be taken on the trip.The exception is the use of cameras, since, despite the technological advance, photos of cell phones still do not replace those of professional cameras.
  6. Right temperature.Search the temperature of where you are going.So, if it’s summer, good as it may be to wear a cool blouse, you can focus the rest of your backpack on warm clothing.
  7. Divide the weight.There is a correct way to divide the weight according to the difficulty level of the walk.
  8. Two in one.Consider only shampooing while traveling.The conditioner pot may look mild, but every item you can eliminate is one less weight in the back.If you do not give up the conditioner, a good outlet is to buy a product two in one.The third option is, instead of taking the liquid in the original pots, put them in smaller pots in the exact amount they will be used.
  9. Shared Items.If you are traveling as a couple or with friends you do not need to carry two toothpastes, two repellents, two protectors, and so on.Match what each one will take.
  10. Disposable panties.If you are a backpacker, take a test using disposable panties for a few days before traveling.If you do not find it uncomfortable to use them, it is a solution so you do not have to carry too many panties in your bag or have to wash them all the time.They can be purchased at stores that sell hair removal items.


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