10 Tips “Incredibles” Camping

Many of the things that will be said here can be purchased the part, Yes. But the purpose of these tips is not to serve as a model example of what to take on a trip to camp, but for you to turn in a fun way and practice during your role. Why after all, if you go camping you know that can face a perrengue, and you’re quiet about it. In fact, many enjoy these “rolezinhos” that turn the trip into a bigger Adventure!

Well for starters let’s talk about fire. After all, since small when we think of camping and camping tips, those two little stones causing friction and Sparks to start a fire is what comes to mind. You can even be aBear Grylls and do that. But there are other options.

To maintain the fire you can use Doritos. Serious. They keep burning for a while, so if you missed something just light a Doritos soon find the flashlight to look for what you need.

Burn a Doritos you need fire away!

Or if you want to “lasting” a little more you can wet cotton with wax or even cardboard with wax placed inside of a box type “Altoids”. Your “portable fire” will be very useful.

And when it hits that willingness to use the toilet and you have no where to go? Always scrolls the famous bushes … But if you want to be a little more hygienic to improvise a vase with a box of those to take vegetables (plastic), and a bucket. Is practically one of those Thrones that you see in the building material. But it’s why you animal!

If you want to make a abajurzinho for a night reading, can use little boxes of shampoo used to put fuel in it and a päivö so that it becomes a “mini torch.

Returning to the bucket (you’ll notice that this object becomes very useful in the life of a “camper”), you can use it to make your own washing machine manual. Just open a hole with the knife, put a stick and move everything inside!

With a similar footprint, you present your homemade water plug. Take one of those giant detergent boxes and turn on your source of fresh water or for hand washing.

Water can be useful too to make light. How? Fill a gallon water transparent and engage that head usher, while this sight the inside of the bottle. You will get a great source of ambient light for your tent.

If you want to hang your pots so as not to leave them on the floor, simply tighten your belt around some trees and put some dead. Okay, you have your makeshift closet.

Finally something nice for you to take is full (Mentos), with some basic remedies. In addition to practical, it is necessary to ensure a safe and fun trip! Before leaving for camp, take a pass on our webshop and renew its equipment.