10 Common Mistakes in Landscape Photography

Anything that you want to learn in life, mistakes are part of the learning process, and the photograph of landscape is no exception. Success is obtained making many mistakes and learning from them, to be able to avoid them.

In today’s post I want to make a list of ten common errors and suggestions to solve them.

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10 common mistakes in landscape photography according to BESTITUDE.

1. the “serious and professional” landscape photographers expect almost always, hours and days to achieve Capture the perfect light. Beginners often do not reach the places and took the pictures in any light. Naturally many times available light is not the best and that makes us not to obtain the best results.

Solution: The lack of light is the enemy of good photos. When you’re photographing a landscape and the light is not where you expect, do not go still taking pictures, never stay with the desire to more forward with the post-production can eliminate the colors, bringing your photos to black and white, and includes a bit of contrast. Consider changing the sky or add some clouds to give some ‘Drama’ to the landscape.

2 horizon fallen: is one of the errors more common in this type of photography and is the result of lack of experience, and often the lack of patience.

Solution: Activates the option lines guides in the menu of your camera and use them when you make the frame, thus will get a perfect horizon.

3. the misuse of the composition is one of the worst mistakes committed in this type of photography. The composition is essential in landscape photography, you have to create a balance between the foreground, middle and background. In addition to that all elements have a sense in the scene.

Solution: The best way to dominate the composition is studying it, read books on the subject, studies, and continued taking pictures, is the best way and the most simple to dominate the composition. We invite you to read the articles that I have devoted to this topic here on the blog:

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4. probably you happened that you have taken a photo and the ground is well exposed but the sky does not. This is something normal for all cameras.

Solution: Buy a polarized filter , it is simply the best option to avoid this problem.

5. the filters in the photograph of landscape are really useful, but if you don’t know to make proper use of them, leave an ugly and obvious difference in light between heaven and Earth.

Solution: To correct this problem, try the post-production or use good-quality filters

6. Beware of the approach. Landscape photography is one of the few techniques that requires that this focused, so it needed a wide depth of field.

Solution: Closes the diaphragm as possible more calculating together values of EV which show on the sharpness of the scene.

7. do not use a tripod. There are several factors that prevent achieving sharp photos, one of them is to not use a tripod.

Solution: Make sure you have a good tripod, and used a remote trigger, uses an ISO value under a wide depth of field and the velocity necessary to achieve a good focused and sharper picture.

8. the foreground of the image only serves to create “more interesting than photo” item

Solution: Begins to include a foreground in your landscape photos so will not give the feeling that something is missing, it can be a flower or a simple rock.

9. sometimes tend to take some interesting photos and the general saturation of the image is increased to give a sense or meaning to it. Or you create HDR super exaggerated. In the long run is not such a bad thing, but sometimes tends to exaggerate, and created images that look straight out of a cartoon.

Solution: is moderated when you play with the HDR or saturation, don’t exaggerate
10 change your point of view, sometimes we are tourist or very “popular” places keep in mind that before you were other 1000 photographers in the same place, often this is forgotten us and we take the same photos from the same point of view, which you can find in the typical photographs of postcards.

Solution: Walk and takes a tour around the place and tries to find a better perspective is more difficult and less likely to that another has done so as the best viewing angle.

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